Ukrainian army is moving up supply vehicles to the front-line, prepares to attack

14.12.2015, Donbass.

According to reconnaissance, the Ukrainian army is moving up trucks to the contact line. One of the main signs of a war is the presence of means of supplying the army: with fuel, food, ammunition, weaponry. Any military operation is doomed without transport, no matter how much tanks you have. The tanks will just stop without fuel, spare parts and ammunition several hours after the start of the operation.

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Bandera Nazis strike forward positions of DPR army once again

12.12.2015, DPR.

During the whole day of December 11 and the following night the Ukrainian army kept striking the forward line of DPR army defense. Yesterday the Ukrainian army used mainly heavy, multiple-launch rocket artillery and tanks. According to reconnaissance, large numbers of Ukrainian military personnel get drunk after receiving their salaries, conduct punitive operations in front line area, apply tactical camouflage to vehicles and try to deceive our military.

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Revised concept of American domination: suppression by involvement. Part IV


Russia’s primary “sin” is that it is the only country in the world which dared to confront the primary instruments of American concept of “suppression by involvement”. That is why Russia is America’s enemy #1.


We have discussed the primary results of realization of American concept of “suppression through involvement” on the European front in the previous part of the article.

What is the situation on other fronts?

Near Eastern front

The largest aspect of American involvement of allies and enemies on this front is, of course, the war that the USA declared against “reincarnation” of global caliphatism against the “Islamic State” which had “suddenly” appeared in the region.

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