14.02.2015 The situation in Gorlovka [EoT TV DPR, 364th issue]

On February 14, 2015, the representatives of the “Vostok” brigade received a letter from the residents of Gorlovka city. There was a lack of food products in the city and several civilians have been starving. The militiamen from “Vostok” brigade brought juices, vegetables (potatoes, onions, carrots, cabbage, beet), groats, a box of canned stewed meat, in other words, everything that was needed for a nutritious diet.

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30.12.2014 Father Frost from Vostok Brigade wishes a Happy New Year to children of Donetsk [EOT TV DPR]

Militiamen ‘Governor’, the Head of Supply Service of ‘Vostok’ Brigade, not only arranged for New Year celebration at refugee shelters under the Brigade’s patronage, but decided to work as Father Frost. Father Frost, or ‘Ded Moroz’ in Russian, is a figure akin to Santa Claus. Father Frost traditionally brings presents to children on New Year’s Eve.

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16.01.2015 Donetsk: A heart to heart talk with a militiaman from Texas, USA [EOT TV DPR]

Militiaman “Alfonso” from Spain makes an interview with Militiaman “Texas” from USA. They both are currently in “Vostok” brigade (the “Essence of Time” unit), which is a part of military forces of Donetsk People’s Republic. “Texas” talks about the war in Donbass, antifascism, communism, USA and the future of the world.

02.02.2015 New victims of the punitive operation [EoT TV DPR, 340th issue]

On February 2 the district where a blood transfusion station is located got shelled by the Ukrainian army. As a result, one doctor of the station was seriously injured and a driver of ambulance was killed. The medical institution was damaged as well: 15 windows got blasted out, including the windows of the controlled area with sterile boxes.


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27.01.2015 Militiamen donate blood to Donetsk citizens [EoT TV DPR, 331st issue]

Donetsk militiamen and citizens donate blood to the Donetsk citizens wounded in shelling.

This video shows an everyday life of one blood transfusion station in Donetsk. On average, there are about 50 blood donors a day (these donors are NOT paid). However, at the day of the report there were about 150 people, including militiamen. The donors have responded to the call which they heard on the television: there was a lack of blood for transfusion at Donetsk. The head of the Blood supply department highlighted in the interview that Donetsk residents do not stay indifferent to helping each other and donating blood.

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