Poroshenko will give new tanks and “Grad” MLR systems to the punitive forces

22.08.2015 11:58, Kharkov

Pyotr Poroshenko is heading towards the new airfield in Chuguevo, Kharkov region, in order to present 170 units of new and repaired military hardware to the punitive forces.

According to junta’s Ministry of Defense, Poroshenko will give 25 tanks, seven “Grad” multiple-launch rocket systems, five “Osa” surface-to-air missile systems, five “Pion-2S7” self-propelled artillery guns, seven “Gvozdika 2S1” self-propelled artillery guns, 20 “Hummer” cars, 20 infantry fighting vehicles, 15 100mm caliber antitank MT-12 guns  and 152 mm MSTA-B howitzers, 30 semi-trailer KRAZ trucks, 25 off-road KRAZ trucks, 10 semi-trailer MAZ trucks.

After the presentation Poroshenko will award junta’s militants who participated in the war in Donbass.


Source: LifeNews

DPR: Kiev junta’s militants have fired almost 70 shells at DPR in the past 24 hours

22.08.2015 11:52, DPR

Kiev’s militants have fired 69 shells at Donetsk People’s Republic territory in the past 24 hours, DPR Defense Ministry has told Donetsk News Agency today.

59 82 mm and 120 mm caliber mortar shells and ten tank shells have been fired at cities and villages of the republic. The ceasefire was violated 7 times in the past 24 hours.

According to the Defense Ministry, Gorlovka, Donetsk airport territory, Ozeryanovka township, Zheleznaya Balka, Staraya Laspa township, Belaya Kamenka village and Spartak village were shelled by Kiev’s militants.

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LPR: Kiev junta has violated the ceasefire 8 times in the past 24 hours

22.08.2015 11:35, LPR

Kiev junta’s militants do not comply with the ceasefire, the official LPR People’s Militia representative has told RIA Novosti.

The Ukrainian army does not comply with the ceasefire, 8 violations have been registered in the past 24 hours, one person was injured.

According to the People’s Militia, Oboznoye village, Zolotoye-5 city and Pervomaysk city were all shelled twice, Sanzharovka village and Lenin summer cottage region came under fire as well. It is being reported that the punitive forces have fired weaponry banned by the Minsk agreements.

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Donetsk: the punitive forces have deployed another 48 units of military hardware at the front-line

21.08.2015 18:01, Donetsk

The punitive forces have deployed another 48 units of military hardware and approximately one thousand military personnel along the front-line, according to DPR Deputy Defense Minister Eduard Basurin.

DPR intelligence has uncovered the facts of Kiev deploying military hardware and personnel in towns and villages it controls. 48 units of military hardware and approximately 1000 military personnel.

Up to 20 APCs and 10 “Ural” trucks with military personnel have arrived to Kramatorsk. Up to a platoon of “Grad” multiple-launch rocket systems have been spotted arriving at Annovka village. Also spotted there are 8 units of self-propelled artillery guns and 10 tanks. Armored military vehicles has arrived and militants personnel has been deployed in Krasnoarmeysk. The military intelligence of DPR has also located the exact positions of punitive forces in Volnovakha.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

Over 1,3 thousand people are still in Kiev junta’s captivity

21.08.2015 16:43, Donbass

1311 people remain in Ukraine’s detention centers, Donetsk People’s Republic’s Human Rights Ombudswoman Darya Morozova claimed during the press-conference at Donetsk News Agency.

Currently 1311 people remain in captivity in Ukrainian detention centers and so-called “basements”. 555 of them are military servicemen, 559 are in captivity for their political views and 197 are civilians who have nothing to do with the conflict.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

Vladislav Deynego: LPR is ready to immediately exchange prisoners

21.08.2015 13:25, LPR

LPR envoy on Minsk talks Vladislav Deynego has made a statement regarding the prisoner exchange during a briefing in Lugansk:

We are ready to exchange prisoners immediately.

The Ukrainian prisoners, participating in the war that Kiev started in Donbass, are following the orders of their commanders.

There is not a single oligarch among them – all are ordinary people.

The envoy has said that the “list consisting of ten Ukrainian soldiers, taken prisoner at different times” was handed to the Kiev junta.

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Gorlovka administration: Ukrainian army’s artillery has destroyed over 2,2 thousand buildings in the city

21.08.2015 06:03, Gorlovka

Gorlovka city administration head Roman Khramenkov informs of the destruction caused by the Ukrainian army’s artillery:

1978 private houses and approximately 198 apartment buildings, 80 schools and hospitals, 11 culture and recreation centers were destroyed in Gorlovka. We don’t include damaged enterprises in this list at the moment. Due to different types of entities we don’t have access to them, they didn’t apply for materials.

There is an extreme need for construction materials, a constant supply is required, according to Khramenkov.

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08:23, Spartak: Kiev’s punitive forces are shelling Spartak for over 12 hours now

21.08.2015 08:23, Spartak

Donetsk city administration informs of ceaseless shelling – Kiev junta’s punitive forces are shelling Spartak village for over 12 hours now.

The shelling started yesterday in the evening, as soon as it became dark. The shells hit the village outskirts – the field and the cemetery.

The village was shelled by tanks from the direction of Avdeevka and Opytnoye (controlled by the Kiev junta). There is no information regarding the victims of the shelling.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

07:29, Donetsk: punitive forces have shelled Severny township, two civilians injured

21.08.2015 07:29, Donetsk

Donetsk mayor’s office:

As a result of direct hits destruction is registered on Mirgorodskaya street (1 house), Engelsa street (1 appartment building) in Severny township at around 18:30. Destruction is also noted on Grekova street (2 houses). 2 people were wounded, according to the information we have.


Source: Donetsk News Agency