02.02.2015 New victims of the punitive operation [EoT TV DPR, 340th issue]

On February 2 the district where a blood transfusion station is located got shelled by the Ukrainian army. As a result, one doctor of the station was seriously injured and a driver of ambulance was killed. The medical institution was damaged as well: 15 windows got blasted out, including the windows of the controlled area with sterile boxes.


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27.01.2015 Militiamen donate blood to Donetsk citizens [EoT TV DPR, 331st issue]

Donetsk militiamen and citizens donate blood to the Donetsk citizens wounded in shelling.

This video shows an everyday life of one blood transfusion station in Donetsk. On average, there are about 50 blood donors a day (these donors are NOT paid). However, at the day of the report there were about 150 people, including militiamen. The donors have responded to the call which they heard on the television: there was a lack of blood for transfusion at Donetsk. The head of the Blood supply department highlighted in the interview that Donetsk residents do not stay indifferent to helping each other and donating blood.

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04.02.2015 Donetsk hospital got shelled by the Ukrainian junta [EoT TV DPR]

On February 4, 2015 one of Donetsk hospitals got shelled by the Ukrainian junta. Several people were killed and many of hospital patients and the staff were injured and wounded by the shelling.

During the filming of this report the Tekstilshiki district of Donetsk where the hospital is located got shelled ONCE AGAIN: scared people ran back to the bombed-out hospital to hide from the new shelling.

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Delivery of humanitarian aid from the All-Russian Parents’ Resistance to DPR [EoT TV DPR, 322]

The delivery of humanitarian aid from the All-Russian Parents’ Resistance to Communard township: its school, kindergarten, and to all citizens of the township, who required humanitarian aid.

A staff member of the Communard township commandant’s office, Natalja Dolgopolova, expressed huge gratitude for delivering of humanitarian aid. She noted that such help has been very much needed, and without it, the township would have been gone.

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Delivery of Blood Plasma Med to Hospitals in Donetsk [EoT TV DPR, 312th issue]

Delivering of humanitarian aid from Russia to different medical organizations in Donetsk, such as the “Surgery Service of Donetsk Territorial Medical Union“, “Institute of Urgent and Restorative Surgery“, “Republic’s Traumatological Center in Donetsk”, “Donetsk Regional Center for Protection of Motherhood and Children” and others.

The directors and representatives of those medical organizations thanked Russians for their help on behalf of the medical staff and injured patients. A special thanks was addressed to the movement “Essence of Time” and non-profit Russian organization “All-Russian Parents’ Resistance” for their help in collecting humanitarian aids in Russia and transporting & distributing it then in Donetsk.

Below is the address of one of the subsidiaries of “Essence of Time” in Russia (in Rostov-on-Don), where anyone (from Germany, Italy, Spain and all other European countries) can send cloths, medicines and other pieces of humanitarian aid that will be then transported to people of Donetsk People’s Republic:
in Russian: 344010, г. Ростов-на-Дону, пер. Газетный (угол с ул. Варфоломеева), 121/262А, оф. 601
in English: 344010, Russia, Rostov-on-Don, pereulok Gazetniy (ugol s Varfolomeeva), 121/262A, office 601
More details are at this web site (in Russian):

24.12.2014 Unloading humanitarian aid in Donetsk [EoT TV DPR, 311th issue]

This video shows the process of unloading of humanitarian aid for the children of Donbass.
Russian non-profit organization “All-Russian Parents’ Resistance” organized collection and distribution of humanitarian aid for the children of Donetsk People’s Republic as a part of the ‘Children of Russia to Children of Donbass’ campaign. Among other things it included food and New Year’s gifts. Children of Donbass received it at the end of December 2014.

30.01.2015 Peaceful Donetsk districts got shelled [EoT TV DPR, 336th issue]

Suffering a defeat, the Kiev junta does not shy away from using any means to instill terror in the local population. Peaceful houses, heating systems got damaged by the shelling; a House of Culture was bombed. Civilians got murdered in the shelling. The civilian targets included a school, several houses and the place, where civilians were receiving the humanitarian aid.
Several citizens of Donetsk were murdered, many were wounded.

Essence of Time unit on the Monastery position, Donetsk, the Airport [EoT TV DPR, 329th issue]

An independent “Essence of Time” task force, a part of the “Vostok” brigade, relieved the “Sparta” unit fighters in the “Monastery” position in the Donetsk airport in the course of a planned rotation on November 17, 2014.

For two months the “Essence of Time” unit countered the Ukrainian punitive forces’ tank breakthrough attempts towards the new terminal, suppressed enemy firing positions on the control tower and the new terminal, conducted reconnaissance operations, participated in the control tower termination operation.

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