An offensive of Kiev’s militants is expected to occur this night from three directions

16.08.2015 14:51, DPR

On the night between August 16 and August 17 the junta’s military commanders plan to launch a full-scale offensive against the positions of DPR and LPR military, according to an informed source in Kiev, reports REGNUM News Agency.
According to the source, the offensive is planned to occur on three main directions:

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11:44, DPR Defense Ministry: 3 people killed, 7 wounded, 30 houses destroyed by Kiev’s militants’ as a result of last night’s shelling

16.08.2015 11:44, Donetsk

The situation at the contact line continues to deteriorate, according to DPR Defense Minsitry, Donetsk News Agency reports.

The number of cases shelling of residential districts of Donetsk and the Republic by the Ukrainian army has notably increased since August 10. Civilians and infrastructure became the only targets of the Ukrainian military.

Three civilians have been killed, 7 injured, at least 30 houses were damaged” only today, according to the Defense Ministry.

Source: Donetsk News Agency

10:29, Donetsk: Denis Pushilin asks the “Normandy Four” to urgently intervene in the situation in Ukraine

16.08.2015 10:29, Donetsk

The situation in Donbass has deteriorated dramatically, DPR is one step away from the beginning of a full-scale war, according to the head of DPR delegation in the Contact Group on peaceful settlement in Donbass Denis Pushilin, Donetsk News Agency reports.

It’s been a long time since such a heavy shelling of DPR. This is one of the biggest Ukrainian army provocations in the past several months. It has put us yesterday one step away from renewal of a full-scale war.

Noting this, Pushilin has called the guarantor countries of the peaceful agreements to urgently intervene in the situation.

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Germany’s Minister for Foreign Affairs called the situation in Eastern Ukraine explosive

16.08.2015 10:26, Berlin

The situation in Eastern Ukraine is explosive, the talks regarding the reducing the tension and final withdrawal of military hardware must be started immediately, Germany’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Frank-Walter Steinmeier said in an interview to BILD am SONNTAG.

The situation in Eastern Ukraine is explosive. Which is why, talking to the Ukrainian and Russian Foreign Ministers this week, I have offered to hold a meeting between the military of the sides of the conflict and OSCE not in two weeks, but immediately, in order to discuss how to reduce the tension of the situation and conduct the withdrawal of military hardware.

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9:22, Gorlovka: the shelling of Kiev junta’s militants disrupts water and electricity supply

16.08.2015 9:22, Gorlovka

Ukrainian militants have heavily shelled Gorlovka last night. Several city districts have lost access to electricity and water supply, according to Gorlovka mayor Roman Khramenkov, reports Donetsk News Agency.

Two power lines and one water supply plant were damaged by the Ukrainian army’s night shelling of the city. Several districts of the city lost access to electricity supply. It’s a miracle nobody got hurt.

Two houses in Zaytsevo village were damaged by the shelling, the mayor added.

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Donetsk News Agency: Kiev is trying to launch another full-scale war

16.08.2015 01:02, Donbass

This night and yesterday evening the Ukrainian militants have heavily shelled the cities, towns, townships and villages of Donetsk People’s Republic along all of the contact line.

All bordering districts of the capital, Donetsk, were shelled – Kievsky, Kuybyshevsky, Kirovsky and Petrovsky. The information regarding the victims of the shelling and destruction is being specified, more specific information, most probably, will be available in the morning. Currently at least two civilians in Kuybyshevsky district are known to be injured.

Spartak village of Yasinovataya region, near the Donetsk airport, was shelled once again late in the evening – by “Grad” multiple rocket launch systems, according to DPR Defense Ministry. Makeevka, the second biggest city of the Republic, bordering Donetsk from the east, was also shelled by “Grads”. It is currently relatively calm in Donetsk and its satellite city.

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00:01, Donetsk: significant destruction after Kiev’s militants shelled the city

16.08.2015 00:01, Donetsk

Rescue squads and firefighters are working in Kirovsky and Petrovsky districts of Donetsk which were heavily shelled tonight by the Ukrainian military, according to the capital’s city administration, reports Donetsk News Agency.

There are a lot of fires and destruction in Kirovsky and Petrovsky districts of Donetsk after the Ukrainian army shelled the city. Firefighters and rescue squads are working at the place of emergency. We will provide more specific information later.

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DPR Defense Ministry: Kiev is lying and tries to justify its shelling of residential districts of Donbass

15.08.2015 14:06, Donetsk

Kiev is trying to justify its shelling of residential districts of DPR accusing the militia of allegedly record violations of ceasefire, according to Donetsk People’s Republic Defense Ministry.

Earlier the junta’s supporters have claimed that militia has violated the ceasefire 175 in the past 24 hours and called this a record number of cases of shelling in the past several months.

DPR Defense Ministry’s representative:

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22:30, Donetsk: Kiev junta’s militants are shelling Kuybyshevsky and Kievsky districts of Donetsk

15.08.2015 22:30, Donetsk

The punitive forces have heavily shelled Kuybyshevsky and Kievsky districts of Donetsk, according to city administration head Igor Martynov, reports Donetsk News agency.

Kuybyshevsky and Kievsky districts are under fire. 120 mm caliber mortars are shelling. The information regarding the destruction and injured is being specified.

A cannonade is currently heard in various districts of the city, according to Donetsk residents, reports Donetsk News Agency.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

22:26, Spartak: the punitive forces have fired dozens of shells at Spartak village in Donetsk suburb

15.08.2015 22:26, Spartak

Kiev junta’s militants have heavily shelled Spartak village (suburb of Donetsk) today, according to DPR Ministry of Defense, Donetsk News Agency reports.

The Ukrainian army has fired approximately 80 shells at Spartak village. The number of victims of the shelling and the damage to the civil infrastructure is being specified.

The shelling happened at about 22:20, according to the Defense Ministry.


Source: Donetsk News Agency