Revised concept of American domination: suppression by involvement. Part V


Snowden’s files revealed the negligent attitude of the American “ally” towards not only key European, Latin American, Asian political leads, but towards strategical European, Asian, Latin American economic interests as well. Including the negligent attitude towards the problems of access of genetically modified and “pesticided” products to the market, towards European principles of the “welfare state”, the currency sovereignty of the EU and many other things. These files also unveiled the absolute American espionage against all significant people and organizations which participate in discussing TTIP and TPP.


In the previous parts of the article we have discussed the content of the American concept of “suppression by involvement” of allies and enemies and the key ways (and facts) of application of this concept by Americans. We have also discussed the largest events which explain why Russia turned out to be the main strategical enemy of the United States and its closest geopolitical partners.

However, there are some other reasons for the current decisive turn of America towards a full-scale war (for now — only a Cold war) against Russia.

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New Year is not the only thing Donetsk is getting prepared for

16.12.2015, Donetsk.

Altay reporting. This is the beauty which is being decorated by Donetsk utility workers on Lenin square. City administration had informed today that the curfew on December 31 will be cancelled and that the public transportation will operate until 2 in the night. Donetsk is getting prepared to celebrate New Year. At the same time, the number of Western journalists in the city notably increases.

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