11:47, Gorlovka: Kiev militants damaged children’s social center and residential houses by shelling

17.08.2015 11:47, Gorlovka

Children’s social center and 11 residential buildings were damaged by Kiev junta’s shelling of Gorlovka this night, according to Gorlovka mayor Roman Khromenko.

Nikitovsky, Kalaninsky districts were shelled, as well as Panteleymonovka, 11 residential buildings were damaged. A shell hit the territory of children’s social center with 21 child inside at the moment of the shelling. They were not harmed.

According to preliminary data the city was shelled by tanks and artillery, Khromenko said.


Source: RIA Novosti

11:46, DPR: 8 cities of Donbass lost access to water supply after shelling

17.08.2015 11:46, DPR

Eight cities and several townships lost access to water supply as a result of Kiev junta’s militants shelling of Donbass, according to public affairs office of “Water of Donbass” company, which ensures the water supply of the region.

Krasnoarmeysk, Dimitrov, Selidov, Novogrodovka, Volnovaha, Dokuchaevsk, Ugledar and near townships, as well as Avdeevka and partly Yasinovataya do not receive water supply. Water supply to Donetsk is decreased. Gorlovka filtration plant number 1 is not operational as well, the city receives partial water supply from filtration plant number 2.


Source: RIA Novosti

07:58, Gorlovka: Ukrainian army shells Gorlovka, two civilians killed

17.08.2015 07:58, Gorlovka

Gorlovka mayor’s office:

Central-City, Kalininsky and Nikitovsky districts of Gorlovka were heavily shelled by artillery on the night between August 16 and August 17. Two civilians were killed by the shelling, four were injured, according to the healthcare department.

Nine streets of Gorlovka were hit by the shells, according to the city administration. The information regarding destruction is being specified.


Source: RIA Novosti

07:57, Donetsk: three districts shelled by Ukrainian army, civilians dead and injured

17.08.2015 07:57, Donetsk

Donetsk mayor’s office:

Kuybyshevsky, Petrovsky and Kirovsky district were massively shelled by the Ukrainian army on the night of August 16-August 17. Two people are dead, three injured, according to the information at hand. Information regarding other possible victims and destruction is being specified.

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00:01, Donetsk: 6 houses, school and a gas pipe in Kuybyshevsky district damaged by shelling

17.08.2015 00:01, Donetsk

Head of district administration Ivan Prikhodko:

48, Dmitriya Kazaka st., 46, Alekseya Tolstogo st., 166, Olimpiyeva st., 62, Korniyenko st. got hit. Windows on 6a, Vannikova st. and 50, Dmitriya Kazaka st.

Carpentry workshop of school №66 was directly hit by a shell, which caused a fire, according to the head of district administration.

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19:53, Gorlovka: Kiev junta’s fighters have started shelling western Gorlovka by tanks

16.08.2015 19:53, Gorlovka

Kiev junta’s militants are shelling western part of Gorlovka by tanks, according to the city administration.

We have a new shelling, they just can’t keep calm. They shell with tanks, shells hit the western part of the town, approximately in Shirokaya Balka district, shell from the side of Dzerzhinsk (controlled by Kiev junta – ed.).

The shelling might intensify during the night, according to the local authorities, since the “Ukrainian army always starts with tanks, then the artillery comes in.” The city administration did not receive information regarding victims of the shelling.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

DPR Defense Ministry: three Kiev junta’s attack groups are gathered by the contact line

16.08.2015 19:11

As of August 16 the commanders of the Ukrainian army have gathered three strike groups by the contact line for the offensive, according to DPR Deputy Defense Minister Eduard Basurin.

The group of enemy’s forces in “C” sector consists of up to 22 battalions. It includes up to 130 tanks, up to 950 units of fighting armored vehicles, up to 290 field artillery guns and mortars, up to 35 units of multiple rocket launch systems.

According to him, the group of enemy’s forces in “B” sector” consists of up to 26 battalions.

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