11:27, Novoazovsk: schools and kindergartens in near front-line townships cannot start working due to constant shelling by the Ukrainian army

18.08.2015 11:27, Novoazovsk

The schools and kindergartens of Novoazovsk region townships close to the front-line will not be able to start working on September 1 because the Kiev junta’s militants constantly shell this area, according to Novoazovsk region head Oleg Morgun.

We have made a decision that schools and kindergartens in Primorskoye and Krasnoarmeyskoye townships will not open. These two townships get regularly shelled in the past three days and it is not safe to be there.

The students who attended the schools of these townships will be either taken to school in Kazatskoye village on buses, or individual education will be organized, according to Morgun.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

08:37, Donetsk: three houses in Dokuchaevsk destroyed by punitive forces’ shelling of the town

18.08.2015 08:37, Donetsk

Three residential houses in Dokuchaevsk are partially destroyed by the Kiev’s punitive forces’ shelling.

Dokuchaevsk mayor Evgeny Bunjo:

Three houses destroyed in Yasnoye village, luckily, there were no victims.

According to him, Kiev’s militants have opened fire this night from the direction of Berezovoye township. Type of weaponry used in shelling is being specified.

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08:19, Donetsk: thousands of houses destroyed in villages of Kuybyshevsky district of Donetsk

18.08.2015 08:19, Donetsk

Almost every second house in near front-line villages of Kuybyshevsky district are damaged or destroyed by Kiev junta’s militants’ shelling, the number of residents has decreased fivefold, according to district administration head Ivan Prikhodko.

There 7 thousand private houses and 262 apartment houses in Oktyabrsky, Zastantsionny, 15-section, Severny, Pervaya Ploshadka and Vtoraya Ploshadka villages. Approximately 4 thousand of these are damaged as a result of the shelling.

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DPR Defense Ministry refutes US claims that militia supposedly attacked Mariupol

17.08.2015 22:26, DPR

DPR Defense Ministry has refuted the claims of US State Department. Earlier the State Department has claimed that the militia supposedly attacks northern and eastern parts of Mariupol.

Defense Ministry:

Donetsk People’s Republic military remains on its positions and does not engage in any attacks. By using made-up accusations the State official attempts to divert attention of the public from the preparation of the offensive operation by the Ukrainian military, as well as to justify the heavy shelling of peaceful towns and villages of DPR by the Kiev regime, as a result of which women, children and elderly die.

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20:33, DPR: Kiev junta’s punitive army approaches Donbass contact line

17.08.2015 20:33, DPR

DPR declares that a large force of the enemy’s punitive army is approaching the contact line, according to DPR Deputy Defense Minister Eduard Basurin.

It is being noted that the enemy is gathering forces and prepares for military aggression against DPR and LPR.

Several dozen units of new military hardware, electronic warfare stations, “Grad” multiple-rocket launch systems, tank and a large group of military personnel from Western Ukraine are approaching the front-line, according to him.

We expect possible provocations by the Ukrainian military, including subversive activities and sabotage on Donetsk People’s Republic’s territory.


Source: RT

20:25, Donetsk: Kuybyshev district residents are being rehoused due to constant shelling by the punitive forces

17.08.2015 20:25, Donetsk

Residents of Kuybyshev district of Donetsk are being rehoused due to constant shelling by Kiev junta’s punitive army. Approximately two thousand people will receive new housing, according to region administration head Ivan Prikhodko.

The situation in our district has deteriorated dramatically in the last five days. It resembles January-February when we were heavily shelled by the Ukrainian military. We are concentrating all our efforts on giving the people housing in safer district. Approximately two thousand people are waiting.

He clarified that 1190 people have received housing already. Four people have been killed and 16 were wounded by the shelling, according to Prikhodko, which is reason for mass-evacuation of residents. He added that despite the regular shelling the district City Hospital №21 continues to operate.


Source: RIA Novosti

The punitive forces are shelling DPR residential districts in order to divert attention from military redeployment

17.08.2015 19:58, Donetsk

The situation in Donetsk People’s Republic becomes more difficult with each passing day, according to DPR Deputy Defense Minister Eduard Basurin.

I want to call your attention to the fact that the Ukrainian military is using its shelling of cities and villages in order to divert attention from redeployment of its troops at the contact line. The enemy increases its forces in its sectors and prepares for aggression against DPR and LPR.

According to him, DPR military intelligence has uncovered the arrival of 47 new units of military hardware, as well as  electronic warfare stations, to the front-line.

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UN Secretary-General urges for immediate steps to de-escalate the situation in Ukraine

17.08.2015 20:07, UN

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has appealed to all sides “to take urgent steps to de-escalate the current situation.

The Secretary-General is seriously alarmed by the recent escalation of violence in eastern Ukraine, which has reportedly resulted in the death of civilians on both sides of the contact line.

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19:57, DPR: 11 thousand peaceful DPR civilians live near the contact line

17.08.2015 19:57, DPR

The lives of 11 thousand Donetsk People’s Republic residents living at the contact line are daily under threat due to heavy shelling by the Kiev junta’s militants, according to Donetsk Petrovsky district administration head Maksim Zhukovsky.

7.5 thousand people live in Trudovskie township, which can be shelled by the punitive forces “from all sides“, according to Zhukovsky. Another 3,5 thousand people live in Aleksandrovka, which is also being shelled.

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12:31, DPR: Kiev junta’s punitive forces have fired over a thousand shells and missiles at DPR in the past 24 hours

17.08.2015 12:31

DPR Defense Ministry has declared that Kiev junta’s militants have fired 1009 shells at DPR. This is a “crisis situation”.

The punitive forces have intensified the shelling of residential districts of the republic. They use heavy artillery and multiple rocket launch systems. Ukrainian military has violated the ceasefire 77 times in the past 24 hours, having fired 1009 projectiles.

480 of these were “Grad” rockets, 264 were 152 mm and 122 mm caliber artillery shells, 52 tank shells, 213 82 mm and 120 mm mortar shells.

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