17:52, Donetsk: a rally against “inaction and bias”

06.08.2015 17:52, Donetsk

A rally against “inaction and bias” took place in Donetsk. Hundreds of city residents have come to the hotel where OSCE representatives live. The protesters have spilled red paint, which symbolizes the blood of murdered peaceful residents of Donbass.

The members of the rally held posters which read “People are dying because of you!” and “It is time to open your eyes.”

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The appeal of DPR and LPR People’s Councils Chairs to the leaders of the EU

06.08.2015 08:00, Donetsk

The Chair of People Council of Donetsk People’s Republic Andrey Purgin and the Chair of People Council of Lugansk People’s Republic Aleksey Karyakin have made the following statement:

We call to the leaders of the European Union to prevent a full scale war on our land. To get Ukraine back to the negotiations to find a peaceful resolution of the conflict and stop the extermination of the people of Donbass.

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9:58, Donetsk: residents demand OSCE publish their reports in local news media

06.08.2015 9:58, Donetsk

Locals who have rallied near the international mission headquarters demand OSCE to publish their reports covering shellings in local news media.
Local resident Valentina Golovko told Donetsk News Agency:

We demand the OSCE mission reports to be published in local news media or on Donetsk Republic websites in order for the people to see what reports the monitors are presenting to their supervisors.

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08:22, LPR: Kiev junta militants have violated the ceasefire four times in the past 24 hours

06.08.2015 08:22, LPR

The Kiev junta militants ignore the ceasefire, four violations are registered in the past 24 hours, according to the official representative of Lugansk People’s Republic People’s Militia.

The country houses region was shelled at 13:10 and 18:48, T-shaped crossroad region of Oboznoe village was shelled at 21:15.

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08:06, Donetsk: OSCE representatives have talked to the protesting Donetsk residents

06.08.2015 08:06, Donetsk

OSCE mission representatives have talked to Donetsk residents who have rallied demanding a quality evaluation of the events in Donbass.

Currently a citizen’s action group is being formed. Its task will be to write down all the demands that the people gathered have towards the OSCE and to hand them over to the Special Monitoring Mission representatives.


Source: RIA Novosti

11:33, Donetsk: Kiev junta punitive forces have violated the ceasefire 37 times in the past 24 hours

05.08.2015 11:33, Donetsk

Kiev junta punitive forces have violated the ceasefire 37 times in the past 24 hours, reports Donetsk News Agency citing DPR Ministry of Defense

52 152 mm and 122 mm caliber artillery shells, 15 tank shells and 136 82 mm and 120 mm mortar shells were fired at the DPR territory. Grenade launchers, antitank weaponry and small arms were used as well.

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Donetsk city administration: city residents received 95 thousand free loafs of bread

05.08.2015 08:39, Donetsk

Donetsk residents have received 95 thousand free loafs of bread since the beginning of the “Bread to every house” campaign, says Donetsk city administration public affairs office.

The Donetsk city administration clarified that the residents of the most shelled districts of the city are the ones who receive the free bread.

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