People’s Militia: DPR and LPR are parties the least interested in OSCE mission termination

09.08.2015 18:09, Lugansk

LPR and DPR are not interested in termination of OSCE mission in Donbass, according to an opinion expressed by the official LPR People’s Militia representative commenting on the arson of the cars of the monitoring mission in Donetsk.

Rationalizing on who might benefit from this, we can only conclude: termination of OSCE mission on the territory of the republics is the last thing DPR and LPR authorities are interested in. The presence of the monitors in the republics is currently even though not a 100 percent, but at least some guarantee that the signed agreements will be observed.


Source: RIA Novosti

12:42, Gorlovka: one person died in a new shelling by the Kiev junta’s punitive forces

09.08.2015 12:42, Gorlovka

Gorlovka got shelled again. One person died. The Ukrainian army is shelling the city by self-propelled artillery guns and mortars. Gorlovka is still without electricity and water supply, the city administration cannot start the repairing due to shelling, according to the city administration representatives.

One person died in the shelling, according to the city administration.

6/7 region, Zaytsevo, Golmovsky are currently being shelled. Preliminary one person is dead.


Source: RIA Novosti