UN: Kiev is ready to admit that Ukrainian military violated human rights

29.09.2015, Ukraine.

Mission of the High Commissioner for the Human Rights in Ukraine was recording since mid-September which side of the conflict is responsible for shelling and deaths of civilians, according to UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights Ivan Šimonović.

Kiev junta is ready to admit a number of cases of human rights and international humanitarian law violations by their military and punitive battalions, Ivan Šimonović said in Geneva, during a report on the situation in Ukraine to the UN Human Rights Council.


Source: RIA Novosti

The number of front-line Petrovsky district of Donetsk increased by 40% in the last month

29.09.2015, Donetsk.

The population of the front-line Petrovsky district of Donetsk has increased by 40% after active combat has stopped. The district administration head Maksim Zhukovsky told Donetsk News Agency that the population grew from 50 thousand to 70 thousand in a month.

90 thousand people lived in the district before the war, now there are approximately 70 thousand. It is hard to estimate how many people left during the fighting, but definitely more than half stayed, there were more than 50 thousand people here at all times,” Zhukovsky said.

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Obama: Minsk Agreements are possible to implement in following months

29.09.2015, New York.

The President of the United States Barack Obama mentioned the possibility to implement the Minsk Agreements in the following months during the meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The meeting between the leaders of Russia and USA “was approximately 90 minutes long“, the Presidents “discussed Ukraine in the first half of the time, Syria – in the second half.


Source: TASS

Vladimir Putin: Coup in Ukraine was provoked from outside

29.09.2015, New York.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said to the UN General Assembly is certain that only full implementation of Minsk Agreements, with consideration of what Donbass residents want, can secure the unity of Ukraine.

We are convinced – the bloodshed can be stopped and the way out of the dead-end can be found only in case of full, responsible implementation of February 12, 2015 Minsk Agreements. Unity of Ukraine cannot be secured by threats or weapons,” Putin said.

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