LPR representatives appeal to the “Normandy Four” and OSCE to stop the Kiev junta

18.08.2015 23:55, Lugansk

The administration heads of Slavyanoserbsk, Pervomaysk, Veselaya Gora, Oboznoye – Lugansk People’s Republic villages and townships – have addressed the heads of the “Normandy Four” states, OSCE SMM in Ukraine and the world community, LuganskInformCenter reports.

In their address the representatives of LPR offer to “urge the President and the Ukrainian government to stop the bloody madness and withdraw military hardware away from the contact line according to the Minsk agreements.” The text of the address was made public on August 18 during the briefing at LuganskInformCenter where Slavyanoserbsk region administration head Andrey Zagorodnyuk, Metallist township critical services department head Vadim Lukerin and Veselaya Gora village critical services department head Mikhail Kishak.

LuganskInformCenter published excerpts of the address:

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17:07, LPR People’s Militia: Kiev junta is actively gathering forces near Debaltsevo and Gorlovka

18.08.2015 17:07, Lugansk

Kiev junta is actively gathering military hardware and personnel near Debaltsevo and Gorlovka, according to LPR People’s Militia Deputy Commander Igor Yashenko, LuganskInformCenter reports.

Yashenko points out that this fact is yet another proof that the punitive forces are preparing to launch an attack on LPR and DPR.

The attack planned by the Ukrainian army is expected to be massive. Kiev will attack with divisions prepared in the duration of the Minsk agreements.

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14:30, LPR: the intensity of shelling by the junta has increased

18.08.2015 14:30, LPR

The Kiev junta has been shelling Lugansk People’s Republic more intensively in the past days, according to LPR People’s Militia Deputy Commander Igor Yashenko.

The situation in Lugansk People’s Republic People’s Militia area of responsibility can be evaluated as “difficult and tense”.

Yashenko added that since recently LPR territory is “shelled more heavily“.

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14:27, LPR: Kiev is preparing provocations on the eve of August 24 in order to sabotage the Minsk agreements

18.08.2015 14:27, LPR

Kiev’s intelligence agencies are preparing a series of provocations on their own territory on the eve or on Ukraine’s Independence day (August 24), according to LPR People’s Militia Deputy Commander Igor Yashenko.

According to the LPR military intelligence, Ukrainian intelligence agencies are planning to conduct a series of provocations on their own territory on the eve or on Ukraine’s Independence day in order to accuse the authorities of the young People’s Republics of sabotages organized by Kiev’s authorities.

According to him, this way Kiev wants to create a pretext to pull out of Minsk agreements and let its punitive forces attack.


Source: RIA Novosti

13:55, DPR: Kiev junta has deployed combat aircraft in Mariupol

18.08.2015 13:55, DPR

Donetsk People’s Republic military intelligence has spotted over half a hundred units of military hardware, “Grad” multiple-rocket launch systems and confirmed the presence of tactical “Tochka-U” missiles, according to DPR Deputy Defense Minister Eduard Basurin.

A column consisting of 18 APCs, 6 of which had anti-tank guided missile systems mounted, has moved out from Mariupol towards Lebedinskoye village.

The military intelligence has confirmed information regarding the deployment of two units of “Tochka-U” tactical ballistics missile systems in Chasov Yar city (Artemovsky district). DPR military intelligence has uncovered Ukrainian army’s tactical strike aircraft patrols.


Source: TASS

13:02, DPR military intelligence: Kiev junta’s punitive forces are shelling Mariupol from Talakovka village area

18.08.2015 13:02, Donetsk

Donetsk People’s Republic’s Defense Ministry is extremely concerned with the situation in the southern sector of the contact line, says DPR Deputy Defense Minister Eduard Basurin today during the daily press briefing.

The Kiev-controlled mass media more and more often publishes in which DPR military is accused of provocations – shelling Mariupol. According to the facts received by our military intelligence, the divisions of Ukrainian army have shelled the residential districts of Mariupol between August 10 and August 16, 2015, from the forested area in the southern outskirt of Talakovka township.

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11:27, Novoazovsk: schools and kindergartens in near front-line townships cannot start working due to constant shelling by the Ukrainian army

18.08.2015 11:27, Novoazovsk

The schools and kindergartens of Novoazovsk region townships close to the front-line will not be able to start working on September 1 because the Kiev junta’s militants constantly shell this area, according to Novoazovsk region head Oleg Morgun.

We have made a decision that schools and kindergartens in Primorskoye and Krasnoarmeyskoye townships will not open. These two townships get regularly shelled in the past three days and it is not safe to be there.

The students who attended the schools of these townships will be either taken to school in Kazatskoye village on buses, or individual education will be organized, according to Morgun.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

08:37, Donetsk: three houses in Dokuchaevsk destroyed by punitive forces’ shelling of the town

18.08.2015 08:37, Donetsk

Three residential houses in Dokuchaevsk are partially destroyed by the Kiev’s punitive forces’ shelling.

Dokuchaevsk mayor Evgeny Bunjo:

Three houses destroyed in Yasnoye village, luckily, there were no victims.

According to him, Kiev’s militants have opened fire this night from the direction of Berezovoye township. Type of weaponry used in shelling is being specified.

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