200 masked men attack Kharkov city council building

23.09.2015, Kharkov.

Approximately 200 masked men gathered near the Kharkov city council building, protesting against possible appointment of ex-governor of Kharkov region Mikhail Dobkin and mayor of Kharkov Genady Kernes to official positions.

The attackers have entered the building, then left and clashed with the police outside. There are reports that the attackers might have used tear gas.

According to “Vesti” information, the attackers have left on several buses.

Source: RIA Novosti

“Right Sector” demands truckers to pay $1,000 dollars to enter Crimea

23.09.2015, Crimea.

Right Sector” Nazis demand a payment of one thousand dollars from each truck driver on the Ukrainian side to allow them enter the Crimean peninsula, according to the Speaker of the Crimean State Council Vladimir Konstantinov.

Konstantinov has noted that this blockade first and foremost worsens the lives of Ukrainian companies which were doing business with Crimea.

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Kiev junta TV channel journalist flees to Lugansk People’s Republic

23.09.2015, Lugansk.

Ukrainian journalist Alla Grushko, who used to work on one of Lugansk TV channels and left to the Nazi-controlled Severodonetsk city when Kiev junta launched the punitive operation in Donbass, quit her job and joined the Lugansk People’s Republic.

The channel belongs to a former Ukrainian Parliament MP. The policy of the channel depends on the position of the shareholders, founders and owners, and on the trend of all Ukrainian mass media. I just didn’t want to show any of this anymore,” she told to the journalists in Lugansk.

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Kiev junta’s FM accuses Russia of training radical Islamists

22.09.2015, Kiev.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin accused Russia of training militants of the terrorist “Islamic State of Iraq and Levant” organization (ISIL, also known as ISIS) (Organization banned in Russia).

Russia knows ISIL [Organization banned in Russia – Editor] militants very well, their mentality, it even trained some of them“, he said, discussing Russian politics in the Near East on air of Ukrainian “Channel 5”.


Source: TASS

“Right Sector” Nazis capture a temple for Ukrainian schismatics

22.09.2015, Katerinovka.

Ukrainian “Right Sector” and National Guard Nazis have started a large fight in Katerinovka village, Kremenetsky region of Teropolskaya oblast of Ukraine for the church of St. George, according to the hegumen of Saint John Zagaetsky monastery (Moscow Patriarchate) Geronty, Ukrainian media report.

According to hegumen Geronty, the representatives of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of “Kiev Patriarchate”, assisted by “Right Sector” and “Ternopol” battalion, decided to take the temple by force on Monday, September 21.

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“Right Sector” Neo-Nazis plan to blockade Donbass

22.09.2015, Kiev.

The leader of the Neo-Nazi organization “Right SectorDmitry Yarosh plans to tighten the blockade of Crimea, as well as launch similar actions on the border with Donbass. In essence the leader of the punitive forces fully supported the idea of the leader of one of the cells of the gang Andrey Stempitsky who claimed that it is necessary for to increase their influence on the border between Ukraine and Crimea.

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LPR: Kiev junta’s punitive forces have increased the density of fire

22.09.2015, LPR.

Kiev junta’s militants intensified the shelling of the territory of Lugansk People’s Republic in the past four days, LPR People’s Militia Deputy Commander Igor Yashenko said during his daily briefing. LPR gets shelled “significantly” more often.

According to Yashenko, the situation is caused by the developing crisis in Ukraine, despite the constant attempts of LPR authorities for peaceful dialogue. Yashenko added that People’s Militia follows the Minsk Agreements.

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