DPR: POW exchange is halted due to shelling

26.08.2015 20:23, DPR.

The process of POW (prisoner of war) exchange between Donetsk People’s Republic militia and Kiev, which was supposed to take place on Wednesday evening, is temporarily halted due to a shelling just several kilometers away from the prisoner exchange site, according to DPR Commandant’s Regiment Commander Viktor Anosov.

There is combat right now. We agreed to wait until 21:00 (local time – ed.). The high command had agreed on a ceasefire. If the shelling will stop, we will take the prisoners in an hour. If it won’t – the exchange process will be moved to tomorrow morning.


Source: RIA Novosti

Kiev junta’s militants have shelled Kuybyshev district of DPR capital

26.08.2015 20:06, Donetsk.

Ukrainian junta’s army has shelled Kuybyshev district of Donetsk, according to district administration public affairs office.

Kuybyshev district got shelled at around 20:00 (local time – ed.), Luzina street suffered a direct hit in the fifth floor of a building.

There was no information regarding human victims yet. The consequences of the shelling by the punitive forces are being specified.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

Kiev’s militants have shelled Aleksandrovka residential districts, six houses caught fire

26.08.2015 18:52, Donetsk

Buildings caught fire in Aleksandrovka village (Petrovsky district of Donetsk) as a result of yet another shelling by Kiev’s militants, according to village commandant Vladimir Cherkas.

The Ukrainian army is shelling the village for one and a half hours now.

The village came under fire by “mortars, tanks, small arms shots are heard“, Cherkas has said.

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Mass media: gunfight erupted in Mariupol between punitive “Azov” battalion militants and Kiev junta’s Military Prosecutor’s Office officers

26.08.2015 13:43, Mariupol.

The head of Military Prosecutor’s Office of the punitive operation in Donbass Konstantin Kulik has confirmed that last night Kiev junta’s Military Prosecutor’s Office officers clashed with the punitive battalion’s militants.

Ukrainian National News reports that earlier “Azov” representatives have said that the military repair base of the battalion was attacked, a gunfight erupted. Kulik, at the same time, could not confirm this information.


Source: RT

Kiev junta’s military has deployed “Buk” missile systems, 4 thousand soldiers and 60 tanks at the front-line

26.08.2015 11:46, DPR.

DPR military intelligence has uncovered new facts of deployment of military personnel and military hardware of the Kiev junta along the contact line, according to DPR Deputy Defense Minister Eduard Basurin, Donetsk News Agency reports. Basurin:

A group of enemy forces consisting, presumably, of up to 4 thousand military personnel, including two tank battalions (60 tanks), as well as APC, IFV, self-propelled artillery guns and cars was spotted arriving to Chasov Yar city (20 km away from the contact line).

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LPR: junta’s military has violated the ceasefire three times in the past 24 hours

26.08.2015 11:27, LPR.

Kiev junta’s military has shelled LPR three times in the past 24 hours, TASS reports.

LPR People’s Militia:

Monument to Prince Igor area was shelled from the direction of Stanitsa Luganskaya township on August 25 at 21:40 and 22:30 by 82mm caliber mortars. Kiev’s military has shelled the area of Sukhodol by IFV-2 weaponry and ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft guns at 22:40.

There is currently no information regarding the victims.


Source: TASS

Punitive forces have shelled Spartak village by incendiary shells, two houses burned to the ground

26.08.2015 06:36, Spartak

Two houses burned to the ground in Spartak village as a result of a night shelling by Kiev’s militants, according to region administration.

The night was bad, two houses on central street burned to the ground. Incendiary shells were fired.

There were no human victims – people have recently moved elsewhere and “when the owner returned to get some things, all he found was ashes.


Source: Donetsk News Agency