Fascism. French beginnings and Italian precursors


The myth was supposed to awaken the uniform unquestioning and drivening desire of the masses to act (including violently) as directed by the leaders.


Editor’s note: The idea of equality of all humans was one of the three fundamental ideas which helped to put an end to the feudalistic type of rule; it was a part of the motto of the French Revolution (“Liberty, equality, fraternity”). And it seems to be no coincidence that it was France that gave birth to the first proto-fascist party a hundred years later. The goal of French fascists was to restore medieval, feudal monarchy in the country and divide the society back into estates. This was impossible to do without canceling the fundamental equality of people declared by the French Revolution. Directly restoring monarchy was impossible in the 20th century. But this wasn’t necessary: a neo-feudalism could be created. Thus fascism was born.


Several clear conceptual conclusions regarding the possibilities of “stopping the Red forces” follow from the works on elite theory which we have discussed earlier (and which were very attentively “digested” by imperialist ideologists).

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Kiev junta claims that punitive forces are in full combat readiness

01.10.2015, Kiev.

Advisor to the Interior Minister of Kiev junta Zoryan Shkoryak wrote on his Facebook page: “Despite the temporary ceasefire, all Ukrainian army, National Guard and Interior Ministry forces on the contact line continue to remain in full combat readiness. Anti-terrorist operation (the name Kiev junta gave to the punitive operation against Donbass – ed.) forces are prepared to immediately fight in case the attacker will try to invade our territory. The enemy will be stopped and destroyed.

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DPR didn’t withdraw military hardware due to night shelling

01.10.2015, Donetsk.

The head of Donetsk People’s Republic Aleksandr Zakharchenko has said that DPR did not start withdrawing military hardware of less than 100mm caliber because Kiev junta’s militants shelled Donetsk: “The decree says it clearly. We will start withdrawing the next day the ceasefire is in place. Unfortunately, the fire didn’t cease, which is why withdrawal is delayed.”

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“Right Sector” militants detain citizens of Greece in Odessa hotel

30.09.2015, Odessa.

Neo-Nazi “Right Sector” organization militants detained a group of Greek citizens, including a former Greek Deputy Defense Minister Kostas Isikhos, former Deputy Minister of Economy Nadia Valavani, former Foreign and Military Committee Chair Vasilis Khadzilambru and journalist Aris Khadzistefanu, in one of Odessa’s hotels, according to the Greek newspaper “Spark”.

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DPR Prosecutor General’s Office plans to hand the “Boeing” wreckage to Dutch experts until the end of the day

30.09.2015, Donetsk.

Donetsk People’s Republic’s Prosecutor General’s Office plans to complete the process of handing the wreckage of Malaysian “Boeing” to Dutch criminologists until the end of the day, according to the head of Prosecutor General’s Office Bureau of Criminal Investigations Roman Belous. That includes 560 fragments of the plane.

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