Congratulations with the Day of great Victory over fascism from Donetsk! (photos)

09.05.2016, Donetsk.

Our most important holiday has come – the Day of Victory in the Great Patriotic War! 71 year ago the Soviet soldier defeated the Nazi German beast in its lair and put the Red Banner of Victory over Reichstag. Fascism, which desired to enslave all humanity and turn the wheel of History backwards, was defeated. “Blue-eyed Aryans” were utterly crushed by ordinary Soviet peasants and workers.

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Letters from the frontline: Lieutenant Tarasenko’s testament letter to his son. December 1943


My dear son!

When you will be reading this letter, many years will pass, the war will come to an end, and joyous and happy life, just like the one that was before the war, will blossom in the liberated land. When you were very-very little, when you were lying in your cradle and smiled in your sleep, your mom and I thought that you are happy, that you won’t have to live through what I lived through in my childhood years. I thought I will give you a start in life and was happy with your first words, your first thoughts.

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Donbass with Texas. Episode 7: “Nikishino”

The new episode of series “Donbass with Texas” is about the village of Nikishino. It is located near Debaltsevo. The intense fighting took place here already in august 2014. The frontline was located just on the streets of the village and divided it in two parts: one, which was occupied by Ukrainian army, and another, where the forces of Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) were located. Finally, the village was liberated by the forces of Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) in February 2015 during the Debaltsevo operation. Now the village is a part of DPR. The village have been heavily damaged. More than 430 houses have been damaged, about 150 houses have been completely destroyed, almost all infrastructural objects of the village have been destroyed as well.

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Help for severely ill Dima from Donbass came from France

Now we are helping severely ill Dima. The boy has brain maldevelopment. He doesn’t move, doesn’t see, can’t chew food. He said his first and only word “Mama” when Ukrainian shells were exploding near their house. But he can hear and feel, comprehend. Due to the renewed shelling he and his mother temporarily moved from Yasinovataya to Donetsk where we came to see them.

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Letters from the frontline: Last issue of 13-year old Valery Volkov’s handwritten newspaper “Trench Truth”, June 1942


Trench Truth №11

Our ten is a mighty fist, which is a whole division for the enemy and, as major Zhidelev said, we will fight like a division. There isn’t a force in the world which will defeat us, the Soviet state, because we are masters ourselves, we are led by the Communist party. Here, take a look at who we are. Here, in 52nd school:

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