Mamikonyan: Children are abducted from their families under the most monstrous pretexts

RVS chairwoman’s speech also acted as the presentation of the RVS’ report to the Russian president about the practice of abducting children from families in Russia. As the RVS uncovered, the abduction of children often happens in public places, schools, hospitals, without warning the parents. As a result, the family is faced with an accomplished fact, “the child has been taken away by an inter-departmental commission,” the RVS chairman said.
Another reason for seizing children is for supposedly being unsupervised. Quite commonly, the seizure occurs simply because the child was not accompanied by legal representatives, which are his parents. That is, if the child was not with his parents, but with other adults, for instance, his grandmother, then this could be the reason for considering this as a case of “being unsupervised”, with the child being subsequently seized. For officials, it has become the norm that the child should always be accompanied by legal representatives, and the grandmother is considered to be nobody for the child, Maria Mamikonyan said.
The RVS leader said that Children’s service are quite confident that “porridge is not a food”, and they can take children from their family because of an insufficient assortment of food in the refrigerator. She also added that the absence of a separate bed for a child in a large family became another reason for seizure. According to the law, local authorities must allocate adequate housing to large families; but instead, the officials decided to take the children away.

Human rights activists: Children`s rights have become a tool of destruction of family in Germany

Zhilenkov stated that Russia must learn the results of German family policy over recent decades as the system of forced foster care in Germany took root under the pretext of good intentions, with preventing violence within the family as its stated goal.
However, it turned out that due to the system created in Germany, the social workers have the right to meddle in family affairs without a court ruling, and to make the decision to revoke parental rights based on their own subjective conclusions and a free interpretation of what is meant by a child’s well-being. The family policy accepted in Germany has led to a preference of children’s rights over the right of parents to decide how to bring up their children, according Zhilenkov.
The human rights activist directed attention to a nearly twofold increase in the number of children taken from their families over the past 20 years, according to German statistics: from 23,432 children in 1995 to 42,123 children in 2013.

Children from Makeevka held a video conference with children from Krasnodar (photos)

The students had the opportunity to discuss important topics through a Skype conference call. The children from Krasnodar were asking about the life in Donbass; they were also curious to know how school education worked during wartime. The children from Makeevka were asking about the preparation for exams and what their peers do for fun.
One of the students from Makeevka school, 18 year-old Yaroslav told about combining school with his military service in the DPR Armed Forces.
The activists of the Essence of Time movement organized the video conference from the Krasnodar side. On the side of Makeevka, the war correspondent Russell Bentley, known as Texas, took part in the video chat alongside the schoolchildren.

Russia in OSCE: Gender equality, surprisingly, is introduced without debate

The implementation of gender approaches does not take into account all positive and negative consequences they could have on the state, said Zhanna Tachmamedova, a member of the All-Russian Parents’ Resistance (the ARPR) organization at the plenary OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting (HDIM), Rossa Primavera News Agency correspondent reports on September 19.

Mamikonyan: USSR managed to walk on razor’s edge between equality and feminism

At the meeting of the Sofia Club in Moscow, Maria Mamikonyan, a Chairwoman of the All-Russian Parents’ Resistance (ARPR) organization for family protection, spoke about the strengthening of radical ideas in contemporary leftwing movements in comparison with traditional leftist ideas, Rosa Primavera News Agency reports.