Essence of Time newspaper article series: The Right to Oxygen, all parts


This is the translation of the series of articles published in “Essence of Time” newspaper by Sergey Kurginyan on the new ongoing mutation of capitalism. Capitalism is destroying nation states in favor of a global state; it is destroying the family as an institution, and it is reformatting itself into something entirely anti-humanistic. In doing so, the new mutated capitalism, with its twin brothers, neofascism and radical Islamism, inevitably clashes with classic capitalism. Whose side should Communists be on in this battle?

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Essence of Time unit in Donbass. Nov-Dec 2014. Mars: Winter campaign


The previous stage – carrying out tasks in Yasinovataya and Panteleimonovka – became decisive for me in choosing my specialization. To be more precise, Essence of Time Independent Tactical Group (EoT ITG) Volga chose my specialization by handing me a sniper rifle, but I gladly jumped at the chance. You bet I did, given that in my past, pre-war life one of my hobbies was rifle shooting, though an air rifle, but nevertheless it was it, the shooting, which allowed to enter my valued state of specific tranquility and concentration. I have no idea how the commander guessed this, but I am very grateful to him for choosing me. Some time later the commander got another rifle, and my friend and comrade Liteyshik and I became the first sniper pair of our unit. Later in the airport five snipers were in EoT ITG.

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Memory of victims of plane crash tragedy honored in Donetsk (photo report)

25.12.2016, Donetsk.

A mourning rally in memory of the victims of Tu-154 tragedy, which crashed near Sochi, Russia, en-route to Syria, took place in Donetsk. People brought flowers and lighted candles. Officials, public figures, as well as people who knew the victims expressed their condolences. The residents of Donetsk People’s Republic spoke of the tragedy with pain.

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