Doctor: Only the Soviet spirit saves Russian medicine from complete decomposition

28.05.2020, Moscow.

Russian medicine has not completely degraded just because doctors still retain the Soviet spirit of conscience and honor, said Igor Alekseyevich Gundarov, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Soviet and Russian physician, Professor, specialist in the field of epidemiology and medical statistics, in an interview on “What will be in ampules”, published on the “Stalingrad TV “ YouTube channel on May 26.

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Like in the Czech Republic. Bureaucrats in Sofia want to demolish Monument to Soviet Soldiers

27.05.2020, Sofia.

The head of the Lozenets district in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, Konstantin Pavlov made a proposal to demolish a monument to Soviet soldiers erected on the place of a communal grave, where the remains of 154 soviet soldiers and officers lie, and to rename the Boulevard in honor of a liberal journalist Anna Politkovskaya [known for her criticism of the Kremlin’s policy in Chechnya; obtained United States citizenship – translator’s note], reports the oldest Czech daily newspaper on May 24.

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