Russia provided humanitarian aid to Daraa province

Russian coordination center on Khmeimim Airbase delivered humanitarian aid to residents of the village of Karfa in Daraa province, reported the Secretary of Daraa Province Administration Muhammad Heir Abu Zeid to Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

The Secretary of Province Administration said that 435 food baskets were distributed in the village of Karfa. Humanitarian aid was provided to displaced persons, the poor, and to the families of the deceased.The Secretary noted that local residents defended their village from terrorists from the very first days, that is why their village has become a safe shelter to many citizens who escaped from bandits from adjacent territories.

Humanitarian aid comes to frontline Donetsk schools

Humanitarian aid was delivered today to schools №103 and №116 by Texas and our antifascist friends from Germany. These schools are located near the front line and are constantly under shelling threat from the Ukrainian army.

Children were happy to receive new balls, plasticine, colored paper, and paints. Also schools were provided with exercise books, rulers, pencils, pieces of chalk, and albums for drawing.

Teachers and children thanked guests for having received such a necessary help in such difficult times.

Rostov provides humanitarian aid to Makeevka’s school and kindergarten

Five boxes of office supplies arrived at the Makeevka School No. 40 and the “Young Birch” Kindergarten No. 124 from Rostov-on-Don as part of the program “Children of Russia to Children of Donbass” by the All-Russian Parents’ Resistance organization. Сhildren and teachers of School No. 40 and Kindergarten No. 124 thanked Rostov for its support.
“We are always happy to have any assistance we can get. In addition, establishing close ties with children and teachers from the Russian Federation is very important for us,” said Inna Rogulina, teacher from the School No. 40.
“Once again we have received aid from students of Don Pedagogical College. Thank you for not forgetting us,” said Oksana Cheban, head of the kindergarten.
In addition to paper, notebooks, pens, glue, scissors and pencils, students from the Rostov-on-Don University sent their letters to the children of the “Young Birch” kindergarten. In response, the teachers of the kindergarten sent a dove of peace to Rostov-on-Don together with souvenirs from the grateful parents and their children.

DPR schoolchildren received humanitarian aid from children in Nizhiy Novgorod

“Essence of Time” movement’s members brought humanitarian aid from the students of school No 113 in Nizhniy Novgorod to Khartzysk school No 7. Toys, hygiene supplies, exercise books, sketchbooks, and other office supplies collected as a part of “Children of Russia to Children of Donbass” campaign were delivered. The schoolchildren from Khartsyzsk thanked the children from Nizhniy Novgorod for the presents, wished all the best, peace, and good marks.
“We are thankful to the school No 113 in Nizhniy Novgorod, to the teachers, to the children, who responded; this is a big help to us! Thank you to the members of All-Russian Parents’ Resistance organization, who organized this campaign for mutual aid, which is most necessary here,” the deputy director for educational process of school No 7 in Khratsyzsk Ilnitskaya Irina Anatolievna said.