Russian army supplies humanitarian aid to Aleppo

According to Tseboev, four thousand tons of construction materials and equipment is to be supplied soon to Syria to reconstruct the destroyed settlements.

“To reconstruct the Syrian regions damaged by the war, dozens of construction machines, thousands of tons of pipes, construction materials, and equipment, as well as hundreds of kilometers of cable is to be brought to Syria by sea,” Tseboev added.

Russia provided humanitarian aid to Daraa province

Russian coordination center on Khmeimim Airbase delivered humanitarian aid to residents of the village of Karfa in Daraa province, reported the Secretary of Daraa Province Administration Muhammad Heir Abu Zeid to Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

The Secretary of Province Administration said that 435 food baskets were distributed in the village of Karfa. Humanitarian aid was provided to displaced persons, the poor, and to the families of the deceased.The Secretary noted that local residents defended their village from terrorists from the very first days, that is why their village has become a safe shelter to many citizens who escaped from bandits from adjacent territories.