Essence of Time. Chapter 16


(Links to previous Chapters are available here: Volume I and Chapters 11121314, 15)

May 17, 2011.




I would like to once again start with our activity; and for this purpose, I will read part of a transcript titled “Meeting with Great Patriotic War veterans and representatives of military-patriotic organizations” found on the Russian President’s official website.
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Ukrainian military fires off 28 mortars against Donetsk People’s Republic and violates ceasefire 20 times

25.02.2019, Donetsk.

The Ukrainian military fired off 28 mortars and 20 automatic cannon shells against the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) over 24 hours, the DPR representative at the Joint Center for Control and Coordination (JCCC) said. On February 24, the report was published on the JCCC official website.
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The people will not elect a “clown”. Maduro offers Guaido to declare new elections

22.02.2019, Caracas.

Speaker of the opposition parliament of Venezuela Juan Guaido can declare elections in Venezuela himself. This was the message of the legally elected President of the country before medical university graduates on February 19th. The broadcasted speech was posted on the President’s Twitter.
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