Japan: If the DPRK is disarming, why deploy US Aegis systems?

26.06.2018, Tokio.

“If the DPRK is disarming, why spend 100 billion yen per each US missile defense system?” the governors of two prefectures, where several US Aegis systems are to be deployed, ask the Japanese central government, The Asahi Shimbun newspaper reported on June 25.
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The Void by Arseniy Tarkovskiy (1967)


Today Russia celebrates birthday of Arseny Tarkovsky, the poet, who was one among the great constellation of 20th century Russian poets. He is also the father of Russian cinematography icon Andrey Tarkovsky.
This poem conveys to our readers a central theme of Russian culture, “The earthly things are not enough for a human being, who is born to be, not just to have.”

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Ukrainian ex-MP urges to kick “Moscow-mouthed” Ukrainians in the jaw

23.06.2018, Kiev.

The Donbass conflict would have ended in Kiev’s victory if only Ukrainians hit the Russian-speaking fellow citizens in the jaw, an ex-MP from the radical nationalistic Svoboda (Freedom) parliament group Irina Farion believes, RIA Novosti news agency reports on June 23.
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