Putin: Russia to continue struggle against terrorism in interests of whole world

30.12.2017, Russia.

Moscow will continue to support Syria’s national sovereignty restoration – these are words the Russian president Vladimir Putin used to congratulate his Syrian colleague Bashar Asad on December 30 with New Year in a cable, kremlin.ru site reports citing the congratulation text.
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Essence of Time. Chapter 10

( Links to previous Chapters are available here: 12345678, and 9)

April 4, 2011.

On April 1st, 2011, Nezavisimaya Gazeta published an article by Mr. Sergey Karaganov entitled “Not de-Stalinization, but a modernization of consciousness. The proposal of the Presidential Council on Civil Society and Human Rights is a real path to national reconciliation.”
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Syria calls on UN to prevent targeting of civilians by the US-led coalition

27.12.2017, USA.

On December 27, the Syrian government requested the UN Secretary General and the Security Council in a message regarding deals and coordination of actions between the international coalition forces led by the United States and the terrorist group Islamic State (an organization banned in Russia), TASS reports.
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