Mayor of the capital of Venezuela: Dialogue with the opposition “cannot be stopped”

30.09.2017, Venezuela.

The Venezuelan opposition has received proposals to resume dialogue with the government, Jorge Rodríguez, the Mayor of Caracas and the coordinator of the government delegation coordinator said at aborted talks with the opposition on September 28th, the TeleSUR TV-Channel reports.
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Medications from friends delivered from Rostov region

29.09.2017, DPR.

We have received a parcel with essential medicaments from Tatyana Viktorovna, who lives in Belaya Kalitva. It has become cold, fighters started to get a cold, and the stores of cold-relief medicine from the unit’s medikit have dispersed quickly. But friends of the unit, having heard about it,  bought and sent necessary pharmaceuticals to us, which were used right off the bat.
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Russian military deliver shipment of medicine to the town of Deir Ez-zor

28.09.2017, Syria.

Russian military from the Centre for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides in Syria (CROSS) delivered the shipment of medicine to the recently liberated town of Deir Ez-Zor, medical service major Vladimir Korzovatykh informs, RIA Novosti reports on the 28th of September.
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