Increasing numbers of military equipment observed in Mariupol

19.07.2017, Donbass.

In Mariupol, increasing numbers of military equipment and Ukrainian servicemen are being observed; they are acting very aggressively towards the city population, the director of the Forum for Saving Mariupol civic organization, Irina Popova, reported on July 13 during a briefing in Donetsk, the Donetsk News Agency reports. Contine reading

Ukrainian librarian fired for giving out Russian textbooks

12.07.2017, Ukraine.

A librarian in the village of Utkonosovka (Izmaylovsky district, Odessa region) was fired for giving out Soviet textbooks on the Russian language which had been taken out of circulation to schoolchildren, the regional publication Trassa E-95 reported on July 11. Contine reading

Russian Foreign Ministry: OSCE must discuss NATO’s reckless policy of deterrence against Russia

11.07.2017, Russia.

The Russian Federation is going to bring up the topic of NATO’s policy of deterring Russia at the upcoming unofficial OSCE foreign ministers’ meeting, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s says in its commentary to the meeting published at its web site on July 10. Contine reading