Anniversary of creation of “Alpha” spetsnaz group


On July 29, 1974, on the orders of the Chair of USSR Committee for State Security (KGB) Yury Andropov, and with the approval of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the elite special group “A”, later known as “Alpha” group, was created as a part of the Service for the Protection of Diplomatic Missions of the 7-th Directorate of USSR KGB.

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Militants in Armenian capital continue to kill policemen

30.07.2016, Yerevan.

A policeman was killed by sniper fire from the territory of the police station captured by armed militants on July 17, the press-secretary of Armenian police Ashot Agarunyan stated on July 30 on his Facebook page.

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School №6 in Khartsyzsk, DPR, received humanitarian aid from school №78 in Izhevsk, Russia (photo report)

29.07.2016, DPR.

Recently “Essence of Time” mission in Donbass delivered humanitarian cargo to school №6 in city of Khartsyzsk in Donetsk People’s Republic. This aid was gathered by students of school №78 in Izhevsk city of Russia as a part of the “Children of Russia to Children of Donbass” campaign of the “All-Russian Parents’ Resistance“. Unfortunately, when the members of the mission arrived, the school children were on the summer break. The teachers of the school were glad to receive pencils, notebooks, sketchbooks for drawing, paints for their students. All of this will be used in the new school year. A big thank you to the students of school №78 in Izhevsk for such a necessary gift!

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Escalation of the Global Gas War. Part V

Moscow and Ankara agree in their main tactical interests in the region. And of course, these interests are sharply at odds with those of the USA, NATO, and the EU.

Why did the project “Turkish stream” disturb so much both the United States and a significant part of the European elites? Why did not only the Sothern Europe with a strong demand for gas but also such countries as Germany, Austria, Denmark worry? After all, the latter ones have their own North European gas, and functioning, as well as fully reliable, operating pipelines for gas supplies from Russia, namely ‘Yamal-Europe’ and ‘Nord Stream’.

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‘Essence of Time’ unit report: Difficult situation along the whole front line

28.07.2016, DPR.

In Dokuchaevsk town, an apartment building on Tsentralnaya Street, School №4, prosecution office and court were damaged as a result of the shelling by the Ukrainian army. The US are suspected of supplying Kiev junta’s punitive forces with ammunition, ‘Essence of Time’ unit informed on their official page in the social networks in the evening of July 27th.

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