Ukrainian army makes “human shields” from civilian cars at checkpoints near Gorlovka and Elenovka

25.04.2016, Donbass.

Ukrainian military began to make “human shields” out of civilian cars at the checkpoints near Gorlovka and in the south of Donbass, Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Deputy Defense Minister Eduard Basurin stated during his briefing in the press center of Donetsk News Agency yesterday.

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Severely ill boy Dima from Yasinovataya received aid from France

22.04.2016, DPR.

We have already told about a girl with cerebral palsy from Yasinovataya named Sofia. We have sent clothes, a special desk for her, and have paid for the operation.

And now we are helping severely ill Dima. The boy has brain maldevelopment. He doesn’t move, doesn’t see, can’t chew food. He said his first and only word “Mama” when Ukrainian shells were exploding near their house. But he can hear and feel, comprehend. Due to the renewed shelling he and his mother temporarily moved from Yasinovataya to Donetsk where we came to see them.

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Donbass with Texas. Episode 5: “Questions & Answers”

Many of our supporters asked Texas questions in Vkontakte, Facebook, Odnoklasniki social networks, in our Livejournal blog. They asked him about music, life in the USA and Donbass. A lot of interesting and important topics were raised, but, unfortunately, we can’t cover all of them in our program. This isn’t the last Q&A episode and we will discuss the things that we didn’t had time to cover this time.

A big thank you to everybody for participating and supporting!

Escalation of Global “Gas War”. Part I


After the collapse of the Soviet Union, post-Soviet privatization began with the demands of the ‘market-oriented West’: primary Russian strategic industrial assets must be divided and sold on the global stock market. And the West, on the whole, achieved success in this already in the Yeltsin era.


What we are witnessing today is another and the most severe escalation of the global economic war in the post-Soviet history. And this is taking place with a new Cold War directly and explicitly declared exactly against Russia. And one of the most important fronts of this war at present is the ‘gas front’. Why?

First of all, because Russia, albeit very much weakened in comparison with the Soviet times, has managed to retain one of the most important economic (and hence political) instruments of global influence – a huge part of control over the global gas market. And one of the major objectives of the Western world (and, above all, of the USA) in a new Cold War is to take away this ‘global economic weapons’ from Russia.

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