1,000 troops, 300 neo-Nazis enter Odessa as city prepares to commemorate May 2 massacre victims

29.04.2016, Odessa.

Approximately one thousand Interior Ministry National Guard troops are heading to Odessa to join 3 thousand law enforcement officers, as well as 300 “Azov” neo-Nazi regiment militants from Mariupol to “secure order” during the commemoration of the victims of May 2, 2014 massacre.

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[Graphic, 18+] Video of “Elenovka” checkpoint shelling aftermath: 5 civilians dead

27.04.2016, DPR.

Today Ukrainian punitive forces shelled “Elenovka” checkpoint near the Donetsk People’s Republic border. Five civilians, including a pregnant woman, were killed, over 10 were injured. The civilians were waiting to cross the border in their cars, Ukrainian army opened direct fire after inspecting the area with a drone. OSCE and JCCC representatives, as well as DPR Head Aleksandr Zakharchenko and DPR Deputy Defense Minister Eduard Basurin visited the scene of the war crime.

Warning: The video below is graphic and is 18+, strictly for adults.

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Elenovka village and checkpoint shelling a crime against humanity – DPR Head

27.04.2016, Elenovka.

The Head of Donetsk People’s Republic Aleksandr Zakharchenko arrived to Elenovka village, which was shelled by Ukrainian forces, presumably, Aidar punitive battalion, last night. He claimed that the shelling of the village and checkpoint, in which 4 civilians, including a pregnant woman, were killed, and 8 were wounded, is a crime against humanity, Donetsk News Agency reports.

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Essence of Time unit in Donbass. The Beginning. Rumyn


The events on the Maidan made me join the “Essence of Time” movement cell in Zaporozhye. The struggle against the forces, which seized power in Ukraine became a high priority in my life. Uprisings took place in Donetsk and Lugansk. As for Zaporozhye, an uprising there was unlikely. I wasn’t ready for underground struggle and didn’t believe that something could be done in my home town in the current situation.

After I had met with Sergei Ervandovich Kurginyan in Rostov, and after his appeal to go to Donetsk, I decided to come and help the “Essence of Time” cell there. I understood that I wouldn’t come back to my home town any time soon.

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Thank you, city of Rzeszow, for remembering! Dziekujemy Rzesczowi za pamiec!

25.04.2016, Poland.

Poland and Ukraine have long participated in the campaign aimed at destroying the Soviet monuments, including the monuments to the Red Army, which liberated the world from fascism in 1945. Citizens of one Polish city, Rzeszow, however, refused to comply. The residents and the authorities of this city did not allow the so-called “NGO Institute of National Remembrance” to tear down the Monument of Gratitude to the Red Army. Thousands of Soviet soldiers, according to Rzeszow, laid their lives for liberating the city from fascist occupants.

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