German antifascists visit Donetsk People’s Republic

In early February German antifascists Lothar and Fraenzi came to visit the DPR on a humanitarian mission to help the innocent victims of the US backed war on Donbass. With admiration for the strength and courage of the Donbass people, they came to help and also to pay respect to the Heroes who gave their lives fighting fascism at Saur-Mogila.

However, the main purpose of their visit was to help children in a war zone. Money for children in the frontline city of Gorlovka was collected by concerned citizens of Germany and other European countries, and distributed by Lothar and Fraenzi, “Spendenaktionen fuer Novorossia”, “Essence of Time” and Russell “Texas” Bentley. It was agreed that the support for the children on this front line areas will be an ongoing operation.

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