Kiev junta liquidates Ukrainian State Aeronautical Company

29.01.2016, Ukraine.

State Aeronautical Company “Antonov” was liquidated, the press service of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine stated on January 26th. Ukrainian media report that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (CMU) adopted a corresponding resolution due to the lack of factories in the Company.

Antonov” serial production plant, Kharkov State Aircraft Manufacturing Company (KSAMC) and Kiev Aircraft Repair Plant 410 were part of Antonov State Company. In March and June 2015, the plants were deeded to the State Company “Ukrainian Defense Industry” (Ukrainian: “Ukroboronprom”) by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers. Since Antonov State Company does not hold plants any more, it has been abolished by the Government to be in terms with the legislation.

The Ministry of Economic Development has received an assignment from the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers to establish a commission for the complete liquidation of the Company.

A brief historical overview. The Antonov Design Bureau (Ukrainian: OKB) headed by Chief Designer Oleg Antonov was founded May 31st, 1946. During its long history, the Bureau designed many passenger planes, transport and special aircraft. The Antonov An-124 Ruslan and Antonov An-225 Mriya (English: Dream) are the most famous designs. Antonov Design Bureau received many state awards of the USSR.

“Ukroboronprom”, the biggest state company of Ukraine, was established by the decree of the President in 2010. It holds 95% of the defense enterprises of Ukraine. The company was created for more efficient management of enterprises that are of strategic importance for the security and economy of Ukraine.

Maidan in Ukraine: The way it’s being done


It is still too early to write the full history of the conceptual war in the Ukraine of today: it is still in full swing and clearly far from its conclusion. But current conclusions may and must be drawn from it.


In the previous article we have talked about the entrenchment of the practice of “double standards” in the international relations. This practice is based on postmodern interpretations of the international law. In the previous article we have stopped on the largest international collision of the late 20th century during which this conceptual weaponry was used on a massive scale — the war of NATO against Serbia in 1999, which ended with the separation of Kosovo.

When Russia recovered some consciousness after the era of Yeltsin’s humiliation, it tried to react to the blatant “shift” in the direction of “interpretation lawlessness” of the fundamental norms of the international law. In 2004, after the “rose revolution” in Georgia, a statement of CIS countries was adopted in Moscow. In it, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) was accused of “practicing double standards” and “unwillingness to consider the reality and the particularities of individual states.” Russia urged OSCE to “return to the original principles of the Helsinki Declaration” and temporarily blocked the adoption of the following year OSCE budget.

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Donbass: Humanitarian aid to the swimming pool in Yasinovataya

“All-Russian Parents’ Resistance” and “Essence of Time” movement have delivered the humanitarian aid bought for donation money to “Atlantis” sports and health center in Yasinovataya: 700 kg of special cleaning and water softening agents for swimming pools.

The building of the sports and health center was damaged by Ukrainian shelling and it wasn’t operating for one and a half years. The swimming pool was restored by mutual efforts, the broken windows were replaced, and the pool was once again operating in November 2015. Now free mass sport events for children and residents of the city take place in “Atlantis”. Young swimmers also exercise there now.

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