12.06.2015 Russell Bentley (“Texas”) in devastated village Veseloe [EoT TV DPR]

The devastated village of Veseloe, destroyed by Kiev junta’s punitive forces, in itself says enough about where this world is being lead by billionaires who refuse to surrender their power in favor of a better world for everybody. Their weapon is lie and the means of spreading those lies. Our weapon is truth. But our truth means nothing without being spread. The means of spreading that we have are much more humble than what the billionaires have, which means that the effort of every one of us is required for justice to prevail.

12.06.2015 Donbass: Russell Bentley (“Texas”) talks about churches, his first battle and friends he lost in the battle [EoT TV DPR]

Militiaman from the US, Texas, visits the church near the Donetsk airport, now controlled by the Donetsk People’s Republic and talks about the first attacks of the Ukrainian fascists that he experienced when he joined the militia and about the destroy of churches in Ukraine.

The number of churches destroyed by the Kiev junta in Donbass as of January 6, 2015, was at least 10; 70 churches were damaged in shellings. The current number is not yet known. But more than that: churches get raided by Nazis all over Ukraine. Priests get persecuted. All of this is a natural extension of fascism. Fascism brings paganism. Supposedly “pre-Christian” religions of Ukraine get promoted – the Ukrainian neo-paganism known as “RUN-Vira” (“Native Ukrainian National Faith”), which attempts to replace Christianity. The most massive attack against Christianity in the 21st century has started in Ukraine.

Christians! This bell tolls for you. Act. The people of Donbass will rebuild their churches in any case. But you can help them.

11.06.2015 Humanitarian aid from children of Russia to children of Donbass [EoT TV DPR]

Currently the All-Russian Parents’ Resistance is working on a humanitarian project, supporting the schools and orphanages of Donbass. In the course of the project “Children of Russia – to children of Donbass” kids from Russia not only send humanitarian aid to children in Donbass, to children that are just like them, except for being surrounded by war. More than that – the All-Russian Parents’ Resistance helps the children of these two countries to actually get to know each other, create personal ties, become friends. It teaches compassion and lets children of Donbass to realize that not all of the world has turned away from them.

13:09 Over a thousand people have gathered on rallies in Kiev

19.06.2015 13:09, Kiev

Two rallies are taking place in Kiev, having gathered over a thousand protesters in total. RIA Novosti reports that several hundred activists have gathered on a rally in support of the Ukrainian newspaper “Vesti” (“News”), the editorial office of which was searched yesterday. They were holding posters: “We are the informational Maidan”, “Censorship will not pass”, “No good News from the government”.

The second rally, according to the Kiev police, is taking place opposite to the Bessarab market in central Kiev. Earlier the police has reported that several hundred people have gathered here. The police has been investigating whether the rally was sanctioned by the authorities.

“The organizers of the rally have informed the local authorities about their intention to hold the rally one hour before it started. About one thousand citizens are participating in the rally so far”, – reports the Kiev police Central Administrative Board. The police continue to maintain the order. The purpose of the rally is not reported.


Source: RIA Novosti

05.06.2015 Kiev junta shelled Telmanovo, a child was killed [EoT TV DPR]

The town of Telmanovo was shelled by the Kiev junta’s punitive forces on June 4, 2015, from Granitnoye village, Volnovaha region, controlled by the junta’s forces. The shelling that abruptly started at around 19:45 took away the life of a 5-year old boy, Vanya Nesteruk, who was playing outside with his friends at that time. Three adults were injured. The shelling targeted the private households and the school stadium. More than 20 rockets have hit Telmanovo on that day.

The United States-supported Kiev’s punitive forces continued the shelling on the following day as the “Essence of Time” war correspondent, callsign “Texas”, was interviewing the locals on camera.

[May-June 2015] Kiev violated Minsk agreements by shelling Gorlovka: civilians killed, lives ruined [EoT DPR TV]

The tragedy of family Tuv from the city of Gorlovka. In the end of May 2015 Kiev army violated the Minsk agreements by using heavy weapons against civilians and shelled the city of Gorlovka and other nearby towns of Donetsk People’s Republic.

During the attack of Ukrainian army on May 26 five civilians, including an 11-year-old girl, were killed, another nine civilians were wounded. One of the shells hit the house of family Tuv and forever ruined the lives of its members. The father of the family, a 46-year-old man, was murdered, the 11-year-old daughter was torn in two parts in the explosion in front of her mother, the mother lost her left arm, the 6-year-old son and 2-week-old baby were wounded.

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