Essence of Time. Chapter 14


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May 3, 2011.


In this program, I will return to the activities of AKSIO, the Agency for Cultural and Social Research of the Society, because the survey that we have discussed in our previous programs has been completed. Not only has it been completed, but it has already been processed. And a group of sociologists led by Yulia Sergeevna Krizhanskaya has presented the survey’s results. The people who conducted it now all know that this work did not sink into oblivion, that it did not evaporate, but brought about a certain practical result. I will discuss this result discussed in the first part of our program: Activity. Because this is important, because it is not every day that we get results like these, and because these results are rather significant. Contine reading

Terrorists in Idlib decide to unite before Syrian army offensive

16.08.2018, Damascus.

Liwa Ahrar al-Shimal (organization banned in Russia) terrorist group operating in the city of Adnan in the north of Aleppo has announced its uniting with the National Front formation (al-Jabha al-Wataniya) (organization banned in Russia), Middle East expert at Rossa Primavera News Agency reported on August 16. Contine reading