Donetsk: Kindergarten “Garmonia” got new windows (after being bombed by Ukrainian army)

Russel “Texas” Bentley and “Essence of Time” activists traveled to Kievsky district of Donetsk to stick stickers with names of those who contributed money for buying and setting new windows and frames in kindergarten #206 “Garmonia” (“Harmony”). Some finishing work will be required after window frames replacement. Staff are gathering money for cement and other building materials, parents help plastering window openings – everybody work to make children go to this wonderful kindergarten again.
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Ukraine artillery shelled two kindergartens in Donetsk

Two daycares for children in Kiyevskiy district of Donetsk not will be able to care for children for a long time. In consequence of massive shelling conducted by Ukraine artillery two daycares in Donetsk (#354 and #204) had been damaged. Shelling was done by multiple rocket launcher systems Grad from Avdeevka’s direction, which are occupied by Ukrainian armed forces.

Economy of Donetsk People’s Republic: Nationalization of factories

From the very beginning one of the primary demands of rebelled Donbass, together with rejection of the approaching Bandera Nazism, was social justice and revision of the criminal privatization of 1990s. Many people who took up arms expected nationalization of the enterprises illegally seized by oligarchs. Many were disappointed. However, it cannot be said the process had been frozen. Currently there is a number of precedents of transition of factories and mines in Donetsk, Gorlovka and Snezhnoye to DPR state ownership.

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