LPR: Ukrainian Army violates New Year’s Truce

29.12.2018, Lugansk.

The Ukrainian armed forces violated the previously agreed upon “New Year’s truce”, as stated by a  representative of the unrecognised Lugansk People’s Republic (the LPR) in the Joint Centre for Ceasefire Control and Coordination, RIA Novosti reports on December 29. Contine reading

What about the Minsk Agreements? Ukrainian troops occupy the entire “gray zone” in Donbass

27.12.2018, Kiev.

The entire “gray zone” that separates the positions of the Ukrainian army and the territories of the LPR and the DPR in Donbass is now under the Kiev’s control, Yury Biryukov, the Ukrainian President’s adviser said on air to the Ukrainian Pryamoy TV channel on December 26. Contine reading

Joint Center for Ceasefire Control and Coordination: Ukrainian military shell DPR villages with anti-aircraft guns

23.12.2018, Donetsk.

The Ukrainian military used anti-aircraft guns against the villages of Zhabichevo and Veseloe, located on DPR territory, the Joint center for Ceasefire Control and Coordination Press Service reports on December 23. Contine reading

Ukrainian Nazis obtain WWII veteran status

23.12.2018, Kiev.

In Ukraine, the OUN-UIA (organization banned in Russia) members will receive the same state guarantees as the Red Army soldiers who fought against the fascists. Ukrainian leader Pyotr Poroshenko signed the relevant amendments to the law on the “status of war veterans, and their social protection guarantees” on December 23, the Verkhovnaya Rada of Ukraine website reports. Contine reading

Opposition in Ukrainian Parliament: Hostile takeover of Ukrainian Orthodox Church being prepared

20.12.2018, Kiev.

Bills on religious communities in Ukraine are preparing a hostile takeover of the temples and church property of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, member of the Opposition Block parliamentary faction Vadim Novinsky said on December 20 at a session of the Verkhovna Rada (the Ukrainian Parliament), a correspondent of the Rossa Primavera News Agency reported. Contine reading