US create Venezuelan “liberation army” - US permanent representative of UN

03.03.2019, New York.

The US is forming a “ liberation army” at Venezuela’s border. In order to achieve this, the US exaggerates the statistics on deserters from the Venezuelan army, stated Venezuela’s ambassador of UN Samuel Moncada during the UN Security Council meeting on March 1. Contine reading

The people will not elect a “clown”. Maduro offers Guaido to declare new elections

22.02.2019, Caracas.

Speaker of the opposition parliament of Venezuela Juan Guaido can declare elections in Venezuela himself. This was the message of the legally elected President of the country before medical university graduates on February 19th. The broadcasted speech was posted on the President’s Twitter. Contine reading

Over our dead body. Venezuelan army says it will not obey foreign orders

20.02.2019, Caracas.

The Venezuelan armed forces are not mercenaries, and they will not obey orders given by foreign states or an authority that was not elected by the people, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces said in an official statement that the Venezuelan Minister of Defense Vladimir Padrino López read out on the air of the country’s state television. Contine reading

Trump turns Venezuelan ultimatum into election campaign speech

20.02.2019, Washington.

US President Donald Trump’s speech, in which he delivered an ultimatum to the supporters of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, was essentially an election campaign speech, an expert on US internal politics, Arystan Siraliev, said on February 19 in an interview to a correspondent of the Rossa Primavera News Agency. Contine reading