The UN General Assembly blocks Russia’s draft resolution to lift sanctions

03.04.2020, New York.

The United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Georgia, and Ukraine have blocked a Russian-drafted UN General Assembly resolution calling for the lifting of unilateral sanctions in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. The Permanent Mission of Russia to the UN reported this on April 3.

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US expert: If China’s statistics on COVID-19 are false, then no one can be trusted

02.04.2020, New York.

Statements by a number of Western politicians and journalists that China’s data on the number of people infected with coronavirus were falsified do not stand up to any criticism, said Huang Yanzhong, an expert at the US Council on Foreign Relations on April 2, the Global Times informs.

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Democratic Front of Montenegro: We remember victims of 1999 NATO aggression

24.03.2020, Podgorica.

The Democratic Front (DF) of Montenegro commemorates the anniversary of the NATO aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, during which NATO killed thousands of civilians and destroyed hospitals, residential buildings, bridges, and embassies, the Borba portal reported on March 24.

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