A reason why the West attacked Belarus was its dialogue with China — Lukashenko

11.02.2021, Minsk.

The relations between Belarus and China were a reason why the West attacked Belarus in the end of last year, the President of the republic Aleksandr Lukashenko said on February 11 at the opening ceremony of the 4th All-Belarusian People’s Assembly.

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Belarusian KGB head states that the republic is preparing for a “hot war”

18.12.2020, Minsk.

National security agencies of Belarus expressed the readiness for a “hot war”, which may start under the guise of humanitarian aid, the head of the Belarussian State Security Committee (KGB) Ivan Tertel stated speaking to the workers of Grodno Azot, reported the Nasha Niva newspaper informed on December 17.

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Brookings Institution: All children should receive climate education

14.12.2020, Washington.

All children in the world should receive quality climate education, this is an important factor in the fight against global warming, according to Christina Kwauk, Fellow at the Center for Universal Education at the Brookings Institution, and Lucia Fry, Director of Research and Policy at the Malala Fund, reports the Brookings Institution Press on December 10.

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