Donbass with Texas. Episode 9: “Russian Bear”

We have recently met the military-patriotic sports club “Russian Bear”. The guys do sports, hand-to-hand combat, learn the history of our Motherland, help senior citizens and give lessons of courage in schools. With the help of such clubs and with the efforts of the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Tourism of Donetsk People’s Republic we will raise a new generation of the defenders of Donbass. Watch our new episode of “Donbass with Texas” about the “Russian Bear” to find out more.

Donbass with Texas. Episode 8: “Victory Day”

On May 9 we celebrated a Holiday sacred to us – the Day of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. To Donbass, which today has become the stronghold of fight against modern fascism, this holiday is especially current. Tens of thousands of Donetsk residents went to the streets with photos of their loved ones who fought in the Great Patriotic War, as well as with photos of people who died in that war. You can see how Donetsk celebrated Victory Day in the episode of our weekly program “Donbass with Texas”.

Donbass with Texas. Episode 7: “Nikishino”

The new episode of series “Donbass with Texas” is about the village of Nikishino. It is located near Debaltsevo. The intense fighting took place here already in august 2014. The frontline was located just on the streets of the village and divided it in two parts: one, which was occupied by Ukrainian army, and another, where the forces of Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) were located. Finally, the village was liberated by the forces of Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) in February 2015 during the Debaltsevo operation. Now the village is a part of DPR. The village have been heavily damaged. More than 430 houses have been damaged, about 150 houses have been completely destroyed, almost all infrastructural objects of the village have been destroyed as well.

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War Diary: Texas Reminisces about His First New Year’s Day in Donetsk


War Diary by Russell “Texas” Bentley

My First Battle, Troishka, New Year’s Day 2015


The Greanville Post Editor’s Note: Our correspondent Russell Bentley has been filing his dispatches from Donetsk for over  a year now. In the process, and chiefly due to the fact he often does his writing literally from the frontlines of the war in Eastern Ukraine, as a regular soldier in the Novorossyian Armed Forces (NAF), the priorities in the publication of his materials have sometimes shifted. This is a report filed by him about one year ago, and subsequently modified. Passages may have been published before. But what he has to say—as always— remains relevant, fresh, and inspiring. —PG

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Donbass with Texas. Episode 5: “Questions & Answers”

Many of our supporters asked Texas questions in Vkontakte, Facebook, Odnoklasniki social networks, in our Livejournal blog. They asked him about music, life in the USA and Donbass. A lot of interesting and important topics were raised, but, unfortunately, we can’t cover all of them in our program. This isn’t the last Q&A episode and we will discuss the things that we didn’t had time to cover this time.

A big thank you to everybody for participating and supporting!

Donbass with Texas. Episode 4: “Yasinovatsky Machine Production Factory”

A new episode of the series “Donbass with Texas” is about Yasinovatsky Machine Production Factory. Before the war it was the largest producer of mining roadheading machinery. In 2014-2015 the factory was shelled by Ukrainian artillery multiple times. The factory was a target – it is strategically important for the region. The building of the factory management was burned to the ground, one of the production departments collapsed, the production stopped.

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