Donbass with Texas. Episode 17: “Questions & Answers 2”

Today’s issue of our weekly program “Donbass with Texas” is in format of Question and Answers. Russell answers the questions that you wrote to him in the comments in Vkontakte, Facebook, Odnoklasniki social networks, in our Livejournal blog. Texas covers many interesting and important topics, including the elections in the United States, the attitude towards the LGBT movements, music and much more.

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Donbass with Texas. Episode 14: “Unfinished War”

On June 22, 1941, Vsevolod Grigoriyevich Kozorez was a 15-year old kid from a small town of Putivl in Sumy region of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. He remembers that day very well and tells in detail how the radio announced that the war began and that the Nazi air forces starting bombing the cities of USSR. The days when Soviet people went to the frontline are forever stamped in his memory. Vsevolod Kozorez will never forget the days when the Germans entered the city and started executing communists, Jews, Gypsies…

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The Poet Warriors of Donbass

Texas has recorded a new song, in Russian, “Dobry Dom, Novorossia”. It will be released very soon, with English subtitles (Thanks, “Flower”!) Pablo Picasso said “Art is a weapon” and he was right. Poets make the best warriors, and warriors make the best poets.

Donbass with Texas. Episode 12: “The Rebuilding of Nikishino”

We have revisited Nikishino in order to have a hand in the reconstruction of this long-suffering rural settlement. Now the volunteers of ‘Donbass Patriotic Forces’ are laying the foundations for the two family homes, destroyed by the Ukrainian artillery. We did not come empty-handed. We brought some building implements that had been bought with the money, raised in France. And we decided to help with our manual labour as volunteers. For further information about Nikishino, being rebuilt, watch the new episode of “Donbass with Texas”.

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