Sergey Kurginyan’s speech on the Centennial of the Great October Socialist Revolution

November 7, 2017.

When the course of events began, that gave rise to the Great October Socialist Revolution, the victory in the Great Patriotic War, spaceflight, and many other things, there were much fewer people who initiated the chain of successive events.
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Essence of Time. Chapter 9


(If you haven’t already, please read Chapters 123456, 7, and 8 first)

March 29, 2011.

Historical time is accelerating. This acceleration is becoming more and more rapid. What we see in Libya can leave no one indifferent. One must be absolutely insane to not see that this bell tolls for each and every one of us. And that the Tomahawk missiles will not distinguish between “white” anti-communist patriots, proponents of the improved Red project, proponents of the direct restoration of the Red project that had existed, or liberals. Tomahawk missiles will strike everyone at once. And anyone can come under fire.
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Did the Bolsheviks Overthrow the Tsar?


An unrestrained bacchanalia, а certain sadism of power exercised by the government officials appointed one after another by Rasputin, led to a situation in which by the beginning of 1917 the Tsarist government was unable to count on the support of any political party, social class, or estate.  Everyone considered it to be an enemy of the people.”

General Anton Ivanovich Denikin

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Chinese-style globalization: prospects and risks


At the World Economic Forum in Davos in January, Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a message on China’s promoting a “Fair Economic Globalization”, which explicitly contradicted the the newly elected US president Donald Trump’s “antiglobalist”. Since that time, the topic of PRC turning into a new leader of globalization keeps appearing on the pages of popular and specialized economic publications.
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Ukrainism: Who constructed it and why? An overview of the scientific-practical conference

24.10.2017, Russia.

This is the translation of the series of the presentations’ summaries of the scientific-practical conference “Ukrainism: Who constructed it and why”. The conference was held in Moscow on October 11 and 12. It was organized by Essence of Time social movement and Experimental Creative Centre International Public Foundation.
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Bloodshed in Charlottesville: What’s wrong with this picture?

(If you haven’t already, please read Part 1 first)

Having made the necessary historical digression concerning the mass erection of Confederate monuments and their connection to the proto-fascist Ku-Klux-Klan, let us now discuss specifically the clashes in Charlottesville and their consequences. Upon examining the incident and the informational wave that it produced, three anomalies jump out in front of one’s eyes.
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Charlottesville and the War on American History

On August 11-12 2017, Charlottesville, Virginia saw clashes between the far-right and their opponents, which led to three deaths (including the crew of a crashed police helicopter, and of course, Heather Heyer, an anti-fascist demonstrator who was run down by a fascist in an automobile), and 38 wounded. This incident brought a very heated conflict in American society to the surface.
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Essence of Time. Chapter 8

(If you haven’t already, please read Chapters 123456, and 7 first)

March 22, 2011

We will slowly go about solving the central problems which separate us from our intended undertaking. But we will solve them, one by one. Just don’t try to make us out to be more naïve, than we are. Don’t try to transform the tasks that we set for ourselves into other goals, which are related, but which are not ours.
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Essence of Time. Chapter 7

(If you haven’t already, please read Chapters 1234, 5, and 6 first)

March 15, 2011

I will begin with a poem not because I want to enrich our discussions with some kind of beauty, but because we need images and symbols, which would speak not just to the mind, but also to the heart. Without this, the conversation would be pointless.

Here is an excerpt from Blok’s “Retribution”.
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