Essence of Time. Chapter 1

February 11, 2011

We have started producing a new internet video broadcast, and we decided to call it “Essence of Time”. Not because the title has an amusing resemblance to “Judgment of Time” [“Essence” is pronounced “soot’” in Russian, while “judgment” is pronounced “sood” – translator’s note], Channel 5’s grand debate show, in which I was an active participant over the course of half a year, but because we do, indeed, want to discuss the ESSENCE of time, the ESSENCE of the era in which we live, its problems, its sore spots, its prospects, as well as the genesis, the origin of the situation in which we all find ourselves in. This is the most important. But it is impossible to discuss this in a television show, especially when you are arguing with people of opposing convictions whilst passionately defending your position. One can only discuss this calmly, when you are not afraid of hitting problematic sore spots, when you are looking for the answer together with others in real time, online, as they say, right here, right now. Continue reading

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