Immortal Regiment in Europe was not daunted by threats or Russophobia

Ukrainian nationalists living in Spain precisely reproduce and clearly demonstrate the order existing in Ukraine occupied by Bandera Nazis

On the eve of the celebration of the 77th anniversary of Victory Day, despite the difficult international situation, festive events were held in several European cities. Columns of Immortal Regiment marched in Paris, Bratislava, Berlin, Belgrade, and in Spain the action took place in Madrid, Vigo and Almeria.

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A new reality in Transcaucasia. Who intensified the actions after the start of Russian operation in Ukraine?

New reality will have a direct impact on the processes in Transcaucasia and will affect the neighboring countries

The start of Russia’s military special operation in Ukraine has affected processes around the world. In Transcaucasia, after the second war in Karabakh, when in September 2020, with the support of Turkey, Azerbaijan was able to militarily annex several districts of Nagorno-Karabakh, the situation is not fully defined. And it can be called very tense.

Events in Ukraine have raised the temperature even more and raised the stakes. The fact that Russia is being “constrained” by the situation in Ukraine additionally provokes the countries in the region to solve their geopolitical and economic problems.

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Why has the NATO-Russia Founding Act become an unnecessary piece of paper?

On May 4, the British Financial Times reported that NATO Military Committee Chairman Rob Bauer said the alliance would not use the 1997 NATO-Russia Founding Act when expanding to the East.

“For now, the general opinion on the political level is that we do not kill [the agreement], but nothing in it . . . will stop us doing what we have to do,” Bauer said.

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Results of French presidential election: Is Macron’s victory convincing?

28.04.2022, Moscow.

Chances are that the tactical defeat of Marine Le Pen will turn into a strategic success for the right-wing nationalist forces.

On April 24, the second round of presidential elections was held in France. The incumbent president, Emmanuel Macron, got 58.55% of the vote against 41.45% for Marine Le Pen. The voter turnout was quite high – 63.23% according to the French Ministry of the Interior.

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“Ukrainization” of Europe. Who and how desecrates Soviet monuments

The USA and NATO are funding and arming the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev. The neo-Nazis who fled Ukraine are venting their anger on monuments to Soviet soldiers and officers (among whom there were certainly Ukrainians) in European countries. The baton has been picked up by local far-right forces.

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What we can learn from the special operation in Ukraine

Six weeks of Russia’s special military operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine have passed. Many events, great and not so great, have occurred during these weeks. Russian and Donbass units, albeit slowly (according to experts spending their time on their sofas), are advancing against a numerically superior enemy that has taken up a defensive position in its fortifications in the former JFO zone – the Joint Forces Operation, as Kiev called the actions of the troops that carried out terror against Donbass. Where there are no long-term fortifications, the Ukrainian army and Ukrainian military are located in residential areas, primarily in concrete structures, which resist heavy weapons much better than brick or wood ones.

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The bio-weapons loop, will Russia allow the US to drag it out?


Russian troops were in time at the very last moment. Any further delay would be catastrophic for the entire world.

Everything that the West has done and is doing to prepare for biological warfare is a long-term job. It began long before the collapse of the USSR and blossomed in a riotous color after its collapse in the post-Soviet space. If Russia does not want to become a victim of biological warfare, it is also necessary to deploy defense with a view to the future. In this regard, obviously, one should start with a qualitative examination. Grigor Grigoryan, leader of the One Health coalition, an international expert on organizing veterinary healthcare, in an interview with our newspaper, appreciated the efforts of the US military in research to create bioweapons, which are being carried out with might and main along the Russian borders.

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Australia’s new anti-Russian moves come as no surprise

29.03.2022, Moscow.

The authorities of the country are consistent in their following the US policy, even when they do not benefit from this categorically – remember how, in April 2020, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison supported Trump and was the first to call for an investigation into Beijing’s fault for COVID-19, thereby launching a long trade war with its largest importer with very large consequences for the economy.

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