Former Czech President explains the real reason for the crisis in Ukraine

09.08.2022, Madrid.

Ukraine has failed in 30 years of independence to create a government that represents the entire population. This was a fateful mistake. Former Czech President Vaclav Klaus said this in an interview with iDnes on August 7.

“In 30 years, Ukraine has failed to create a representative government that would represent its extremely heterogeneous population. That is why Ukraine has not been able to carry out an elementary political and economic transformation,” said Klaus. That is what ended up being “a decisive mistake,” Klaus said.

Vaclav Klaus also said that the hostility of the Kiev regime toward the Russian population in eastern Ukraine and toward Russia in general, which became especially evident with the victory of the Orange Revolution in 2014, has been silenced in Europe.

According to Klaus, another reason for the Ukrainian crisis was the persistent desire of the United States after failures in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan to achieve “some geostrategic successes and acquire a reputation and position as a demiurge in the contemporary world.”

Vaclav Klaus also emphasized that the point of view on Ukrainian events imposed in Czechia and Europe leads Europeans to slavery and totalitarianism.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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