Political analyst: Pelosi has insulted China and brought it closer to Russia

02.08.2022, Moscow.

The visit of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan will put an end to China’s maximum neutrality with regard to the conflict in Ukraine, political expert Vladimir Dzharalla said in a commentary for Rossa Primavera News Agency on August 2.

“It was absolutely demonstrative in form and content insult inflicted on China that puts an end to many issues in the most radical way,” Dzharalla said. He recalled China’s policy of maximum neutrality in the conflict in Ukraine.

“China has tacitly supported Russia, but has constantly pointed to the need to find some kind of compromise or solution to the situation itself,” the political scientist said. In his opinion, Washington and Brussels realized the failure of the economic war with Russia, because Moscow was able to adapt to the economic confrontation and build its own line of defense.

The efforts of the US administration were aimed at forming large-scale isolation of Russia, where China was the key country. A paradoxical situation is emerging: Washington declares Beijing its main strategic opponent, which should repeat the fate of the USSR, and against this background, the US is trying to connect China to the anti-Russian isolation, the expert noted.

“China is well aware of everything that is going on. It is noticeable that many observers are amazed by the brazen position of the US elites, the meaning of which can be reduced to a simple phrase: ‘Help us crush Russia, and then we will crush you’,” Jaralla explained. According to him, a rather complicated international game is being played at the moment.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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