French journalists broadcast unbiased report on Ukraine

28.06.2022, Paris.

French journalist broadcasted an unbiased report from Lisichansk on June 24 on the France 24 channel, which showed to the Western audience that a majority of the city’s residents do not support the Kiev regime’s and the Ukrainian military’s policy.

The French journalists initially came to Lisichansk to show civilians fleeing from the city due to the offensive of the Russian army. They planned to film a report about Ukrainian volunteers helping the residents to evacuate from the city, but they came across pro-Russian attitudes among the city residents.

“This is a deportation, cannot you see, they are forcing us out of our homes,” a resident noted speaking about the Ukrainian evacuation when he was asked whether he planned to stay in the city.

Nevertheless, the journalists still showed this report on French TV.

Residents told the journalists that the Ukrainian soldiers gave them only two days to leave the city. This faced a wave of indignation among the population, and many refused to leave their homes.

“The Ukrainian soldiers are shelling us, it is them that are killing our children,” a woman said.

The conversation with the residents demonstrated to the Western public that in fact, people in southeastern Ukraine call Russia their ally much more often than Europe.

The Ukrainian psychological warfare centers and the Western security services are spending much effort to demonize Russia and to form the attitude they need towards the Ukrainian events both domestically and globally.

For this political put-up job, major Western media have been contracted, which form the global agenda to a large extent. Any attempt to keep an unbiased approach covering the Ukrainian events, as well as any dissenting views, is condemned as work for Russia.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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