Kurginyan: The current conflict with the West is much more acute than the cold war

15.05.2022, Moscow.

Russia’s current conflict with the West is much more acute then the cold war situation between the USA and the USSR, said philosopher, political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on May 11 in an interview to BelTA.

Kurginyan reminded that a balance of powers existed during the confrontation between the USSR and the USA, when the Soviet Union had a periphery in the form of the socialist countries in Europe as well as Cuba, Vietnam and, for a certain period, China.

This was a huge global power, and it was clearly ideological. Therefore, the cold war could have an ideological shape,” the political scientist reminded.

All this, in turn, resulted in “a delicate position by our adversary.” However, after the disintegration of the USSR, the West lost its respect for Russia, while the collapse of the communist project “threw the world into insanity and moved it elsewhere.”

Besides, the West perceives its victory over the USSR as an “ideal capital” similarly to Russia’s attitude to its victory in the Great Patriotic War. They cannot afford zeroing this capital through a defeat in Ukraine, because “they do not have another one.”

“This is why the current events are definitely much worse than the cold war,” the leader of Essence of Time noted.

Kurginyan reminded about the West’s accusations against Russia’s alleged intention to use nuclear weapons in its special operation in Ukraine.

“Why would we do so? We have an abundance of various weapons, but the enemy is still pushing this. This means that they want a provocation, a greater exacerbation, a worse confrontation,” the political scientist indicated.

Kurginyan also noted that Russia today is unarmed compared to the USSR as it refuses to stand an ideological confrontation, lacks institutes of autarchy etc.

“The current situation is much more acute. Well, let us sort it out. What else can we do? As people say, all things are difficult before they are easy,” the leader of Essence of Time concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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