Head of humanitarian association says Europe is turning into a dictatorship

14.05.2022, Paris.

On May 14, Emmanuel Leroy, head of the French humanitarian association Save the Children of Donbass, said that Europe and France in particular are turning into dictatorships that trample on fundamental rights and freedoms.

Earlier, Leroy said that French customs confiscated funds collected by the humanitarian association for children of the DPR and LPR, intended for paying for transportation to Russia. The confiscation was explained by a ban on the import of funds into the Russian Federation.

“I have all the evidence that it was a purely humanitarian mission. And if tomorrow they put me in jail for humanitarian aid, then I will just be a holy martyr in the name of a noble cause. People must understand that Europe and France in particular are turning into dictatorships and trampling on basic democratic rights and freedoms,” Leroy said.

In eight years the association Save the Children of Donbass has made eight humanitarian missions to Donbass, and the ninth was complicated by the actions of the French customs.

The association has been active since 2014, working to raise funds to buy medicine, food, and clothing for children’s clinics in Donbass.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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