Ukrainian authorities’ actions doom residents of a town in the Odessa region to starvation

02.04.2022, Odessa.

The Ukrainian authorities doomed the residents of the town of Vilkovo (Odessa region) to hunger by their actions, as follows from an appeal by residents published by the Telegram channel Krymskaya V on March 31.

The appeal states that in Vilkovo live the Lipovans (Old Believers, who fled from the reform of the church by Nikon) – ethnic Russians. Their main occupation is farming and fishing. There is no land for farming in Vilkovo. They plant everything they need on nearby islands.

“At the moment, the Lipovans are forbidden to go to the islands by boats . The military explains this ban by saying that they are fighting sabotage groups. If they do not manage to plant vegetable gardens in the near future, they will face starvation in winter,” the published appeal reads.

It is specified that the situation is also hard for the fishermen. They are also not allowed to use boats. No fish, no money, no food. The availability of fish is, one might say, a cult for the Lipovans. Fish are eaten by people, chickens, pigs, ducks, cats and even local dogs.

“How can you treat your citizens this way?”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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