A message from Kharkov – Eyewitness Report

04.03.2022, Kharkov..

First of all, there is an acute lack of explanatory work on the part of Russia. People are waiting for certainty, they need to be explained how they will live without Nazis and dictatorship, that there will be jobs.

So far, people don’t understand what awaits them next and are therefore confused.

Why don’t you use what was once used on the Maidan, but tell the truth?

The hardest thing that people are going through right now is the waiting. It has become clear to many that there will be no easy takeover of the city. On the other hand, people are already accustomed to it, the sounds of explosions no longer scare anyone: everyone is standing quietly in the store.

The calmness of people may mean that they have understood that Russians do not attack civilians. Or maybe they just got tired of being afraid of something.

As far as one can judge more than half of the people support Russia.

Food is scarce, but not critically, it is possible to live. In the morning they bring something to the stores. Many people sit in the subway for the fifth day, some in basements. But most are still in apartments and some continue to go to work.

Emotional clips are being played on Ukrainian groups, and these videos agitate people, who begin to panic and fear that their city is being “razed to the ground.” But only some people still believe the Ukrainian news anymore; people feel that it’s all lies.

So that people in Russia understand – all sources of information, except for Ukrainian and foreign ones, are blocked here outright. Plus YouTube, FB and other platforms block Russian sources on their own. Also, don’t count on Telegramm channels.

In this vacuum, word of mouth is the only way to find out the real state of affairs.

Quite hard ammunition is often heard, and planes are flying over.

On the north side, there are constant artillery duels and fighting on the county line.

Most of the key buildings in the city – the Regional State Administration, the Interior Ministry, the SBU are destroyed as a result of the bombardment. The park of the tank school and the Kozhedub flight school are also destroyed.

Translated from https://t.me/shotday/149

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