Ukrainian authorities will use criminals and marauders to counter Russia

27.02.2022, Kiev.

Ukrainian authorities have decided to release criminals who previously served in the armed forces from prisons in order to use them for combat operations, said Andrey Sinyuk, a representative of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office, the Ukrainian TV channel Gromadskoe reported on February 27.

The issue is complicated and is being resolved at the highest level. We are talking about a large number of persons in prison and already serving sentences across the country,” Sinyuk said.

According to him, the applications of most wishing to get into the armed forces are still being agreed upon, “their combat experience, services to the state and sincere repentance are taken into account“.

It is not reported whether Ukrainian authorities take into account the severity of crimes committed by the potential candidates for enlistment in the Ukrainian army.

It is known that Sergey Torbin, who killed 33-year-old Kherson activist Catherine Gandzyuk by the order of a local criminal leader, has already been released from prison. Catherine fought against “pro-Russian activists” in Kherson. Torbin chose among the convicts a dozen more people for his squad.

Also, tank-man Dmitry Balabukha, who was serving time for killing a civilian man after an arguing in a bus queue in Kiev, has already been released from prison.

A potential candidate for the release is a former Donbass battalion commander Semen Semenchenko, convicted of creating an illegal armed group.

Also, among the candidates for return to the armed forces of Ukraine is the commander of the “Tornado” battalion Ruslan Onishchenko. He and his underlings have been convicted of the senseless murder of civilians, rape, torture of juveniles and other grave crimes. Onishchenko had previously been tried five times on criminal charges.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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