Residents of the Central African Republic support Russia on the Ukrainian issue

24.02.2022, Bangui.

Hundreds of residents of the Central African Republic (CAR) gathered for a rally in support of Russia, France 24 reports.

Hundreds of Central Africans gathered near a monument to the Russian military in the CAR to thank the Russians, who 14 months ago helped prevent the seizure of power by armed rebels.

More than a hundred people of all ages waved Russian and CAR flags in front of the monument to the soldiers.

Some held banners and posters that read, “Central Africans with Russia” and “Russia will save Donbass from war.”

In December 2020, as the elections were approaching, armed groups moved on Bangui to prevent them from taking place. This prompted CAR President Faustin Arkange Touadera to ask the Kremlin for help.

Russia sent hundreds of military trainers to support the country’s government. In a few months, with Russian support, the ill-equipped and poorly trained CAR army repulsed the rebels who occupied two-thirds of the CAR’s territory.

Today, government forces have regained control of major cities. The immediate crisis is over, although the threat of violence remains. Rebels have dispersed into the countryside.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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