Expert: Russia in Kazakhstan give response to the Turkic unity

13.01.2022, Baku.

The Turkish political scientist, doctor of political sciences, professor Haydar Cakmak explained the meaning of the events in Kazakhstan for Russia and Turkey on January 13 on the informational portal.

The professor explained why official Ankara did not intervene in the situation in Kazakhstan.

“The government of Kazakhstan did not ask for help from Ankara. The Kazakhs did not call and did not ask for help. It would be wrong to interfere in the internal affairs of a brotherly country,” the expert said.

Commenting on the possibility of a change in Turkish influence on Kazakhstan after the unrest in the country, the professor noted that there was not a single moment that would affect these relations negatively.

“On the contrary, everything happened in a balanced and reasonable way. In addition, Turkey has adhered to a position that has not caused unnecessary difficulties to the Kazakh people. Which is very important,” the expert said.

In conclusion, Chakmak noted that Kazakhstan and, in particular, Nazarbayev, made great efforts to unite and show solidarity of the Turkic peoples and have received high appreciation for this.

“However, Western countries, as well as Russia and Iran, were very concerned about Turkic unity. Russia was expected to respond, and it did so. Now the attitude of official Kazakhstan and Tokayev towards the Turkic world will show how successful this step by Russia was,” Chakmak concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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