Biden’s impeachment could be part of a multimove scheme. Opinion

05.01.2022, Washington.

The Republicans who are now discussing the possible impeachment of incumbent President Joseph Biden can use this mechanism to further strengthen their position in the 2024 presidential election, Rossa Primavera News Agency editorial published on January 5 reads.

Senator from Texas Ted Cruz, one of the leaders of the Republicans in the Senate, said on January 3 that if the Republicans get the majority in the House of Representatives in 2022, which is extremely likely, it would lead to the impeachment process for Biden. Cruz notes that the Democrats have themselves to blame for this, as they have turned impeachment into an acceptable tool for partisan political struggle.

In order to remove a US president from office through impeachment proceedings, you need 2/3 of the Senate to vote for his removal. That is, you need the president’s party to oppose him, for one party cannot get that majority in today’s environment. So in terms of the direct purpose of impeachment proceedings, the use of this mechanism against Trump and the supposed use against Biden are abortive contrivances. But there’s another function there.

The very triggering of impeachment proceedings weakens the positions of the incumbent president, both in terms of information warfare and purely technically. After all, during impeachment, the president’s party is forced to fight back and thus loses the initiative. The Democrats in 2019 managed to defeat Trump’s agenda by forcing his team to defend itself. And after the 2022 elections, the Republicans will very likely have a chance to repay their opponents with the same coin.

Impeachment, on the one hand, would take the initiative away from Biden and give him the image of a lame duck, while reassuring Trump supporters that their cause is right. By warming up the Republican electorate more, and by depressing the Democratic electorate, more could be accomplished in the presidential election.

Successful removal of Biden through impeachment is not at all desirable to the Republicans, because in this case the current Vice President Kamala Harris becomes the head of state. And she, for a number of reasons, is less desirable as an opponent than the decrepit and senile Biden.

Impeachment of a U.S. president used to be something out of the ordinary, but with the Democrats in 2019, the threshold for its use has fallen dramatically. This means that impeachment – not as a valid procedure, but as a political gesture – may become a routine part of the US election cycle.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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